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As a personal thing, I would rather start with a more literal translation (I use ESV, I really like it) and use paraphrases (The Message I've always liked) to more fully understand the meaning, or intent. For myself, I want to know what the Scripture says. Exactly. So give me the literal translation, and we'll work from there. When we start trying to figure out "What did he mean there?" we can get ourselves in trouble.

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For me, a downtown has to be navigable! If it's a bunch of winding roads with no rhyme or reason, I just don't go because I can't figure out how to get anywhere. If I miss a turn, I'm hosed! If it's laid out logically, I can get lost without getting lost, and maybe even find a hidden gem in the process!

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Just wanted to say: well stinkin' done! I wish we all felt more like that, and I struggle daily with this. Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for the passion!

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Reason is my lifeline on stage. It's just so versatile; I can dial in whatever the song needs.

But I pray I don't knock my Mac over up there! That would be a very sad day...

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I always feel like I have to watch out for the bass. Keys is tough because you can play in *any* audible range, so you can step on everybody's toes! It's usually a case of "less is more".

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Very true. And those songs are great ones. "In Christ Alone" is another song I love that seems (to me anyway) to be full of meaning. I see it as a challenge for writers to come up with songs that are both musically and spiritually meaningful.

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Well, how do you explain the deep things of God in 3:30? How deep can any one song go? Just to pose the questions.

I do think we could use deeper songs for worship, and even songs that are more like the laments in Psalms. And there are combinations of both great music and deeper theology, we just have to dig for them. Also, sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that seem deep.

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Thank you for the CD! I'll be listening soon!

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A while ago, we were going through some stressful times. I loved being able to listen to Downhere's "Calmer of the Storm", it's such a great song to know that you're not alone or forgotten. I really love great artists making great music.

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This book would be a wonderful addition to my library. My wife loves history and I would enjoy reading about the leadership skills involved. Any book I can get my hands on and read about leadership would be golden right now. Come to think of it, I probably should look through what I have too. Using what we've got...