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Even this article I fear gives too much benefit of the doubt to the Israelis. Every UN warning I've seen has warned that the lack of medical supplies in Gaza is in danger of reaching crisis proportions. Roughly 360 - 380 people have died from lack of adequate medical care (medical care that would normally be available in Gaza) since Cast Lead last year. The humanitarian situation is under control as far as the Israelis are concerned. It's getting worse and worse which is exactly what they want, collective punishment. I'm becoming more convinced that the only thing that can save the Palestinians is a large scale change in public opinion in either the US or Israel and neither is looking too likely now though both have some movements. It's up to us and I agree with paljustice, this is the most important human rights issue of our time because it affects so much else in the world. We've got to fix this. Join Five for Palestine.

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The only thing that can get the Palestinians a state is us. Namely US voters. When there's enough of a swing in opinion in the US some lawmakers may be willing to buck the lobby at least partially. Join a group like 5 for Palestine. And before you say, it won't happen let me just say that I too am skeptical but I feel like I'm morally obligated to try, for the Palestinians and for the sake of trying to reclaim democratic input into foreign policy. If that doesn't motivate you think of how angry even just minor influence on the part of some pro-Palestinian groups would make the AIPAC.

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I wonder how much of this funding depends directly on the CIA's heroine running and how much of the ISI's other 2/3's depends on the same or other illegal drugs and gun running.

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Not that I'm defending Timmerman here, and not that I necessarily believe it myself, but Robert Baer has also alleged that the Iranians were somehow involved in 911.

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We urge the Palestinians to stop expecting us to stop screwing them over behind the scenes. In fact we'd like them to simply a) move to another country or b) kill themselves so we won't have to. It's much easier on us in the international press, and we'll save on bullets and bombs. Why are you guys making us spend all this money. It's anti-Semitism!!!! Oh and please ignore the fact that my father was a terrorist and still makes anit-Arab comments (i.e. anti-Semitic comments).

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I don't know about all the other stuff but there already is a lobby for a more realistic and less biased policy in the Middle East. It's called the Council for the National Interest.


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I hope this means the FBI and Justice Dept. will go after telemarketers.

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It's an affront to my human rights that I have to listen to this man (Bolton) and am not allowed to slap him till I break my hand.

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First the buildings were built to withstand a hit at maximum velocity from a 707. The maximum speed of the 707 is faster than the 757 and force of impact increases exponentially with speed. Plus the planes didn't even have full tanks of fuel when they hit. I realize it's possible that the structure was weakened enough to collapse and I'm not dismissing that either. But how do you explain the Windsor tower in Madrid that burned for over 24 hours with the steel structure still intact and standing when it burned out? Go look at the videos. Virtually everything is gone except steel frame. No steel frame buildings in history ever collapsed because of fire before or since 911. How do you explain the fact that WTC 5 and 6 were much closer to 1 and 2, and received massive damage from debris and yet their steel structure was still standing as well after the fact. And yet building 7, which no photographs of reveal any debris damage to (and most of the building is visible in those images), collapsed from damage to a few columns as per the NIST report. On top of that there were other buildings that were closer to WTC 1 and 2 that were damaged and none of them collapsed. Only WTC 7, the one that had a the NYC counter-terrorism office, a Secret Service office, a CIA office, an office of Housing and Development, an office of the SEC which had hundreds of files related to the Enron scandal in it. And there are multiple, multiple the eye witness accounts from the rescue workers and clean up crew of many secondary explosions even in WTC 7 and of huge amounts of molten metal in the wreckage. Where did that come from? The fire was never hot enough to liquify steel even if it could weaken it. Go on youtube and type in WTC molten metal. You can find a video of a NYC fireman saying "There was all this molten metal. Molten metal running down these rails. It was like being in a foundry." And then there are the people arrested in a white van near the George Washington Bridge that had traces of explosives and some of whom turned out to be former explosives experts for a foreign nations armed forces. This was after the police received a warning that the Bridge was going to be attacked.

I realize there is a chance that this really was all coincidence and the towers really did collapse the way NIST said. But there are a lot of unanswered questions here. Don't dismiss it out of hand until you go and do a lot of research on the eye witness accounts of secondary explosions etc. etc. etc.

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So basically the IDF is saying we know of at least one occasion where a Hamas militant hid behind people waving white flags so from now on we reserve the right to shoot these people in cold blood. Great defense against war crimes.