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If both you and joshiemac are digging this one I better find it. Even more so, need to look them up and stop by next time I am up visiting the area!

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Been a big fan of these offerings for years. The Carmenere actually spawned my interest in the wines of Chile. As you say, they deliver consistent quality at great prices year after year and are available nearly anywhere. Hard to ask for more!

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If only it didn't feel like I was selling my childhood with it!

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Count me among those baseball card collectors. Last check in Beckett had my lot priced nice and hefty. Don't really want to know what it is all worth these days. I'll save it in hopes that my kids will still care. Nothing like the magic I remember of parents friends giving me a stack of cards and finding a Willie Mays (or McCovey). Funny, come to think of it, outside of Brewers the only players I "collected" were Willie McCovey and Will Clark. Obviously both Giants 1B and I now live in SF...Things that make you say hmmm.

Sorry for the ramblings but love the baseball card talk! Now, who is willing to trade what wine for one of my prized Michael Jordan rookie cards?

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Love Gigondas! Wish I would have found that under my tree... Happy New Year Rob!

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Whenever I hear Total Wines I automatically think of scooping up the wines of Sobon Estates. Maybe not so relevant here as their Zins are my favorite but the Rocky Top and Fiddletown are both must tries. Top it off with the new "Vicious" label wines for less than $10 bones and I wish we had a Total Wines nearby!

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I have a bottle of the '98 Barbaresco in my cellar. If you make it down there to pick up a bottle of the '06 do me a favor and ask their thoughts on the '98...

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I checked google for you Rob and the number is 11 max though there appears to be some duplications...

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Good article Rob, I had one thought I wanted to mention on elevating the PR folks as a resource. Most of the time after the box arrives I send off a note to say thanks I received it and there is nary a response. After all the effort a simple email can really help change the direction of the conversation. A follow up offering to field any ongoing questions lets me know their job is to help me all the way through the process rather than just getting a box delivered.

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dude! What a downer... Was settling in for a nice read a just like that it's over! Sorry to hear this one was cooked.