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Thanks for sharing these reflections. It is easy for me to imagine you standing there again now that I have done so myself. I look forward to hearing more about your trip as you have opportunity!

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I wish I could go back to Rwanda with you on this journey. We will be praying. It is remarkable how God weaves together diverse paths among his people---especially across such great physical distances. I know there are many distances involved with a journey like this, and I pray you experience the presence of Christ throughout---that you will know his nearness at all times. He is, after all, a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Prov. 18).

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Thanks for the comment. So, did you end up sticking with Gmail in the end? I like the way it organizes, but its signature features do not allow for HTML or images, and at times the search capabilities don't return all the messages that I know are there. I also have smart-folders set up in Apple Mail which are time-sensitive, which I like, but the tagging there seems anemic compared to Gmail. So, I keep going back and forth. If you're happy with your setup, what did you end up with?


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JR, you have some good insights here. I am eager to read your next post on these themes, particularly if you have some suggestions for where change might be needed. Having worked for a decade in both the seminary and church contexts, I have had opportunity to get to know people throughout all levels of the 'tree' (to continue your metaphor) who are aware of a struggle that underlies church and seminary culture. Quite a few of them are deeply concerned about how to follow Christ and serve the church in theological education. One of my roles is to attempt to bridge those two cultures. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

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Matthew, I am so encouraged to hear about Sam Mgisha's daughter's birth! Can you tell us her name? I will attempt to email him, but please send him my congratulations when you see him. It was wonderful to get to know pastor Sam a little while we traveled in Kigali and the surrounding area. I recall praying for his family as he shared his pain and his hope and his godly heritage with us in remarkable ways. Even now, I wish I could be there personally to offer congratulations and to celebrate his daughter's life.

I am also joining with you in prayer for the family who lost their daughter. I am grateful for your willingness to share what you are learning. Your words, and the window into Rwanda that they bring, are most welcome to my heart. Reading your thoughts deepens my desire to return. I am praying also for you, and I am glad to hear you are adjusting well thus far.

Bishop John was with us this past week and weekend, and it was truly a blessing, as always. I was impressed that Kate was so willing to be held by him after the service, and even launched herself back into his arms after a few moments back in mine. Apparently she enjoyed his presence too---either that, or she liked the gold chain and crucifix he carries. :)

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Matthew, thank you so much for this excellent reflection on your first week. Please do continue to let us know what you learn as you go. Reading your descriptions and insights really brings back memories of my recent journey there, and experienced a similar impression after only ten days: remarkable healing has taken place in many lives and in many ways, but deep pain and suffering still remain. I hope and pray you will gain insights into this that will be valuable as you seek to assist IJM and Redeemer. I look forward to reading more and interacting with you in the weeks and months to come.

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Evan, I appreciate your review of VIA. I tried the Italian Roast a week or so ago, too, and felt conflicted. I did not like the flavour as much as I enjoyed the packaging, but it did seem to be better than other instant coffees I tried in Europe and West Africa. The package I used seemed to have some of that chemical aftertaste I don't care for, but as you wrote in your review, it was extremely convenient and I'm sure there is a good market for this kind of coffee (somewhere other than my house or office). I was not aware of the pricing on it, and I concur with you that the cost you quoted does not match the experience. I also noted there is a disconnect in their marketing copy on the sample package which claims that their use of Arabica beans solves the loss of essential oils problem experienced in all other instant coffees. I remain unconvinced on that claim, though it is the best example of instant coffee I have tried---not that I'm planning to try a lot of them! (Their website does not make the same mistake in its copy, attributing the better taste to the process rather than to the bean selection.) Peace!