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This is still a great tutorial!

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I really don't know how to help you. I don't think I could make this any more clear. Just copy the settings I showed for the brush.

When you go to make the streaks be sure to do this:

With the pen tool or direct selection tool still selected, right click on the canvas and select Stroke Path. Select brush from the drop down menu, and check the Simulated Pressure box and hit enter.

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Thanks for the warning, but would like more information since I\'ve tried clicking the link, and it is linked to smashingapps.com which is a more than legitimate site. I\'d be curious to know what you did exactly and how, that caused avast to tell you that. I would like to make sure this is taken care of, and not harmful for anyone else, at all.

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What I did in this was just include the image in the excerpt. so you do something like:

<img src="blah" />The excerpt text here.

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I am not the owner, developer or decision maker for mubos-md.com and the smartSig application that was hosted from that site. I did do the license designs, but other than that I have no involvement in the site being removed. I do not know anything about why it was, and can\'t tell you why it links to my site other than that the owner of mubos-md is an old friend and probably just giving me his traffic, for whatever reason he chose to close the site.

Thanks for the irrelevant comment on this blog post. You could\'ve emailed me from the contact page though. I would say the same thing just like all the others who ask the same question...... :/

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idk why he's retarded? lol.
i was gonna email him and ask but too busy with work and stuff. like making this! http://new2wp.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/s-Se...

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I lived in NH for 14 years, and love it there, i live in massachusetts now, just south of nh. im only 20 minutes from the nh border. what town were you in? I lived in nashua, hudson, manchester, and have been to many other places everywhere up there.

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LMAO. I have never, nor would ever have taken down that site. I don't have control over it, it's entirely mincho's doing. His site, his decision to take the app offline.

Its hilarious how many people think that I am the one who has control or even anything to do with smartsig and mubos-md.com. I haven't since mincho went to college. So, harass him. I personally think he's retarded for taking it down, and also, never putting ads up on that site to make some bucks off it.

I <3 you iY.

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No this plugin doesn't show that, sorry.

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I use Servage, and I am able to choose my own db names. I didn't know that other didn't, so that's a good point.