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Oh, absolutely. That's why the Twitter comment about the monkey getting the MBE while the organ grinder got the OBE. XD Poor underappreciated monkey! ;)

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I'm not taking it lightly, but I honestly don't think this was the best career choice for Schumi. Yes, he's him, but that's a LOT of unnecessary stress. Things are different than when he was racing, and there are more competitive drivers in the pack now to bring the challenge to him, Mercedes backing or no.

I honestly expect Sebastian Vettel to give them a run for their money. Kamui Kobayashi, too---depending on the car. The raw driving skill, I am convinced, is there.

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In WRC? Rallying, yes, but I was speaking of one particular series, not of the sport in general.

Excellent to see that the anonymity of the interwebs continues to encourage civil discussion and lack of the need to resort to questioning the intelligence of other people by way of introducing oneself. Bravo!

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MkVI GTI w/phonedial wheels! Woooooo!

(I, um, may have an unnatural love for those wheels. Please offer no comments. XD)

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I'll make sure Joe sees this. :) No, it's just that the Michelin snow tires that were previously on this car were terrible, so Joe went and got a set of these to see how they'd be. Now he wants a set for the WRX. I predict I won't see him for days after he finally gets a set on that car, as he'll be too busy out having fun. XD

Driving with these tires on feels like a christmas present every single day. No lie. Finland knows snow; who knew? ;)

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That right there? Makes every day a special day. *drools just a little*