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Excellent post. Great food for thought!

Your honesty in these lines is refreshing and familiar - I find myself at the same place ... "I don’t pretend to have those answers. But as I read Jesus’ story in context I’m somewhat shocked, offended, and humbled. I may need to rethink some things."

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Great post ... I've always enjoyed and learned so much from biographies, memoirs and self-help books. But after having people look at me with that 'disdainful tone' I was almost embarrassed to say that I read (and enjoy) those types books. Thanks for saying it's okay :)

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Thanks for the tips ... for the first time in 23 years, I am between churches. We are just ready to begin visiting new churches, so I'm sure I'll have stories soon.

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Hi, found you via Jamie today.

Wow ... sorry you had that said you to as you moved to Costa Rico.

Sounds like an "evangelism bomb" is something like a "verse grenade." That what I've labeled verses thrown my way when I'm having a discussion with someone and we have different opinions and they throw an out-of-context verse saying and add something like this is what God says, so that's how it is. Ends the discussion. Or they might add, I'll pray for you on the end.

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Good post ... it's a reminder I need right now, with celebrities and more important, with someone much closer to me. Thank you!

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Lisa - you are right. It was rude. I'm sorry ... I should not have posted it.

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Jon - My bad, I'm sorry, I really did need more coffee!
You've been tweeting all these great writing tips and I think I came here expecting a post about writing. Plus, I've been in a writer's critique/edit/rewrite mode lately (and Lord knows, my writing needs it) so when I read this I was doing that.
Now when I reread it, I realized I had read somethings wrong, such as: when you said someone would email, not call, I thought you meant your brother and then later he did call. Now I realize you meant the U- Haul company emailed instead of calling. So it was my mistake - I'm so sorry, please have a great Saturday inspite of me :)

And KatR - please, please don't allow my comment on here to keep you from blogging. This is the first time I've criticized a blog post in public and I was wrong - so I guess I learned my lesson!

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I don't have a crazy move story and I'm scared to be the first to comment about the writing in this post, because your writing is usually golden ... but do you need more coffee (or maybe my reading is off and I need more coffee) or is this an 'example' writing piece that you'll edit later?

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"It's Not How Good You are, It's How Good You Want To Be" by Paul Arden
"Picking Dandelions" by Sarah Cunningham

Yes @JanetOber

Rarely watch award shows.

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Good points.
I'm glad Cornelius bugged you, I've been waiting to see your viewpoint on this. I know you're in the middle of a major life change with your job and moving, but geesh, you have to obey the Christian blogging law.

As for your question: I don't like any labels - I changed my political card to 'Independent' years ago (before it was cool to do that) So though I am a Bible believer and I follow Jesus, I rarely use 'Christian' to describe myself. That label has bothered me ... a lot. And I don't think not using it means I don't like Jesus' bride (as many other bloggers have said) I am in a community of believers and know that is an important part of my spiritual journey, but the Christian label carries so much baggage with it, I prefer to stay away from it.