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Sonic just seemed to fit right there i don't know why.

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"only thing you may actually notice is the new “Retweet” button which makes sharing your favorite submissions on Twitter even easier!"
I disagree i think the first thing any halolz fan would notice first is the background which is just epic.

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Wolf Wednesday even interferes with your holiday celebrations 0.0.
Whats next? your spouse? your parents? your brothers and sisters? Curse you wolf!

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0.0 All lucario had to do was use aura sphere but instead he decided to use faint instead >_> bad lucario your suppose to win not die >_>

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Halo 3 doesn't have good gameplay when it comes to the single player i'll give you that, their story got worse after every game. As far as online though i think halo 3 is far better competitive compared to cod because of a few things,
1.It's harder to kill people which would lead to more teamwork.
2.you don't get prizes for going on a spree where cod feels it is necessary to give you a greater advantage because your spree just isn't enough.
3.you all spawn with the same crap, there are weapons that spawn across that map and the team that controls that area to get that weapon will have the advantage versus someone of a higher rank having the advantage not because of skill but simply because he spawns with better weapons such as in cod
4.this last one is already obvious and a well known fact. the skill range. In cod anyone is able to kill anyone, a noob can kill a pro granted the noob has played the game before and knows how to shoot. In halo however its not the same, the skill difference is scary, a single pro could take out a complete team of 4 noobs on his own. Further evidence of this is in mlg, there are a lot of teams who have made it to the finals and won in cod but in halo 3, 2 teams have own every event except for one.

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The joke here is that people who own a wii are obviously not competitive gamers because the wii breaks all potential competitive games so they wouldn't care if the screen turned completely red and they died in the first place.
The other joke about this is the wii can only do so much, the graphics it can handle is limited because of the programming with their controller. With that said it is technically the most popular system not because of your average gamer but because a lot of people with a huge range of age tend to buy it.

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MW2 is the best competitive game ever, everything is a one shot kill, not because you die but because your screen turns completely red and you can't see anything. It's like the hardest thing in the world to get a kill on.
*stresses the high use of sarcasm in this post*

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It's going to be a sad day in gaming history when they actually make a game like this.....

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I think i will stick with my mana potions. :P

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Don't worry wolf will stop the punch from stopping him from stopping things.