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Awesome! I haven't seen Anna in a few years. It's good to hear her name again. We both were religion majors at FSU, though at different times.

Thanks for your kind words.

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You talk about a failure to be honest. What does honest modesty look like?

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Hurray! I'm not as crazy as I thought!

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This is great. Now if only I could status tag users from the iPhone app I'd really be all set.

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Three of my friends were hosting a costume party. Costume theme was to be dressed from a particular decade. Rob came dressed as a turn-of-the-last-century wrestler, complete with mustache. We tried to explain to him that FSU was actually the Florida State College for Women at that point, but for some reason he didn't want to listen.

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Now you can port an existing number!

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I'm having some trouble with it. New messages from old style Groups (the kind that can send messages directly to users) are not appearing in my new inbox. I know they're being sent, however, being my Facebook Notifications for Mac and my Facebook Firefox Toolbar each say I have an unread message (the former gives me enough detail to know who it's from). I submitted a bug report with screenshot. So far that's my only complaint. Otherwise I think it's great.

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Twitter must have changed it! Okay, I fixed my instructions again. Thanks for catching that change.

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Heck, I'm 26 and I don't like it! =P

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This admin interface is not available if the graph item is designated an "article." It's one of the more frustrating decisions made by Facebook.