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Buy me dinner for a week and I'll consider us square.

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No sound on the 3rd and 4th parts?

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Is vegetarianism a "devotion to some principle"?

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I highly doubt the third definition is incorrect simply because it is listed third. I suggest you direct your definition concerns towards the Oxford English Dictionary, instead of asking me a silly question about the definition that suits your purpose.

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A "religion" does not necessarily involve a "system" or "dogma" or "holy texts" or even a god. A religion is "Devotion to some principle; strict fidelity or faithfulness; conscientiousness; pious affection or attachment." (Oxford English Dictionary)

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The "Carolina Journal"? (NAS blog)

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Government has a responsibility to protect citizens. Putting hazardous waste in the ground affects people's well-being. That is why they can tell you what to do with your battery.

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I don't see how it ISN'T a big deal. Why can the government tell me what to do with MY water bottle that I bought with MY money? And who are they to judge whether its "benefits" outweigh the costs? Not everyone lives on a university campus where there are recycling bins within eyesight at all times, it isn't a simple matter of putting bottles in a separate bin and magically saving the environment.

If I were to recycle my bottles at home, I would use 1.5 gallons of gas to take them to the nearest recycling center (13 miles away). A truck would pick them up from the recycling center and take them to a plant where would be separated, crushed, and melted. Once the bottles are in their "original state" they would be shipped to where they can be re-made into new products.

Do you really think that is beneficial? To me it looks more like a feel-good law so Joe Green can sleep well at night.

It would probably also help the environment if they passed a law to limit the number of miles we drive every day. Do you think that's a good idea? Because the water bottle idiocy is a step in that direction.

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It's quite possibly the stupidest law ever, and there is no way it can be enforced. And really, plastic bottles? Oh, they take up MUCH more space than say, garden tools and extension cords and other ridiculous things people throw away. But, I'm sure the politicians are in their fantasy land patting themselves on the back, thinking they made a difference. And that's really all that matters.

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The recycling center nearest my house is 13.1 miles away. My car gets 17 mpg. That means it takes .77 gallons of gas to go there and .77 to come back. How many bottles at a time do I need to recycle so the benefits outweigh the gallon and a half of fuel I used recycling them?