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Of interest is how ComCast/NBC would allocate any of the content it controls to 3rd parties.
As a Service Provider operating outside a ComCast market could we gain access to unique content
for distribution in our markets (Internet and CATV)??

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Amazing spin.
Does the author understand that the MSO are not interested in what happens in non USA Markets.
They require a Broadband Mobile solution to compete with AT&T and VZW emerging 4G networks as well as having a need for something to control the inroads these big boys are making in their TV business.
The WiMAX networks are true broadband services, are Data/Video Centric, and allow for either Fixed/Portable or Mobile Data/Video delivery. Key here is that they are here today and not futures. Customers want a Broadband link they can use at home, on the road and in the office.
There is only one negative to the WiMAX network being considered and that is its dependence on the 2.5Ghz spectrum that will have connection issues in any Canopied (Foliage) areas, which means most East Coast markets. We need to look at how successful the new WiMAX Mobile services are in the Atlanta market with its Trees.
What is needed is a 700Mhz WiMAX solution that would compete effectively with the LTE networks planned in 2011-2012
Jim A.

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Continued Part 3

Some major Services driving this model:
New OTT Digital Video Services
Multiplayer On Line Gaming Services
Social Network access and sharing
Local Generated and shared Video
VoiceIP Services

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Continued part 2:

What they now have and what is KEY here is a new Freedom of CHOICE as to the Content/Apps available over the Internet and what they can share (P2P) vs Fixed Programming from MSO, high fees and restrictions on how this content is used. I would like to see research on exactly what demographic is actually watching and growing TV on a regular basis. With that info we can get a good feel for where this market us really headed.
New Model: My vote is that it is and will be directed towards a Open IP based business model using both Nationwide (Google) and Local (Service Providers Cached) Cloud Storage and Retrieval Services connected via Broadband Wired (mainly FTTH) and Wireless Mobile Services. Choice-Portability and Local Interaction with Friends and Neighbors.

Jim A .
Strategic Analysts
Regional Service Provider

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What the Cable folks still miss is that their new target market (Younger generation) is simply avoiding TV and is focused primarily on using their portable/mobile device (Smartphone/iPhone/Netbook etc) to download and share Videos, Text/Chat and log into and interface with a host of new local and Personalized Social Networking sites.
All of this is based on the new IP Broadband Wireless services and new access to Internet based Content being made available to them-where and when they want it.

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If they are to succeed they need to develop a more favorable Packaging model that allows the Service Providers (CATV) to gain control over what price they charge users and their revenue splits. In short fix a fee to SP and allow them to charge what they want.__If not the OTT model will eat their lunch near term, which may happen anyway in that Satellite delivery is still a broadcast medium and limits customers ability to interact with the content they buy.____Jim