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Thanks for visiting my obscure blog in the middle of the internet.

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It has now been 22 days since I signed up for ZillionTV. Still no email from ZillionTV with my shipping confirmation, so I have no idea when the box will arrive. My excitement over this is dwindling.

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Since this doesn't track all web traffic from the iPhone isn't this essentially only as good as the user is 'good'? It seems like it defeats the accountability aspect of this offering. The desktop version sees all web traffic and when uninstalled notifies the accountability partner(s). I am just not sure this product was worthwhile for CovenantEyes to develop since the iPhone doesn't allow background processes.

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I am still waiting on my ZillionTV box. I contacted ZillionTV Customer Support and they said they were having an 'issue with our fulfillment system that has affected a couple of orders'. Mine happens to be one of the two orders affected if I am to take them literally when they say 'couple'. They offered to ship it overnight and provide an additional $25 gift card for the trouble which is nice. I am only disappointed that they didn't contact me via email and let me know about the delay. So I still haven't experienced ZillionTV.

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This is clever. $7.00 per month sounds very cheap to me. It sure beats creating your own iPhone app. However, a mobile website would be cheaper of course. But this looks like a good way for a Church to give easy access to sermons and events to members of their Church on their iPhone at a very low cost.

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Steve get in touch with me in the next few days and I have a Wave invite with your name on it. I just need you to send me an email address that you would like the invite sent to.

You can contact me by using the Contact form on this website. If I don't hear from you in the next few days I will hand out the invite to someone else, so if you want it let me know.

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You gotta love an announcement that an announcement is coming! :D

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Good ideas. Using Wave to prepare and encourage additional interaction before and after a face to face meeting. I could see this helping Bible Study participants to get far more involved and get more out of their study group without having to meet as a group in person for more 'sessions'.

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Still looking for more creative ideas. Share yours and you could be getting a Wave invite. 1 invite given out already and 1 more waiting to see who else has some clever ideas for Wave.

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Those are some great ideas. I can see Prayer Waves being very useful and I really think Wave could have some serious potential in the Greek/Hebrew teaching arena.

So far you have the leading ideas. I will probably wait another week to see if others chime in, but so far I would say you have a Wave invite coming your way sometime soon!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.