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Thank you Lowe's.... I would not want to boycott you as I already boycott Home Depot for their support of homosexuals. I am not a homophobic even though I believe it is wrong in the eyes of God and yet it gets pardoned by so many who believe somehow that it is a right to be this way. From what I have seen from so-called Moderate Muslims I don't find any comfort from them. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. even wonders about his religion and tries hard to show us that Islam is a peaceful religion. Its hard to trust in light of all that goes on. I never watched the TLC show on the Muslims mostly because I didn't care for the promos for it. There was an arrogance in the female that was in the promo... I get enough arrogance from our president... don't need to see more of it on a TV show about Muslims.

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great post Megan! Scumbag is the perfect word to describe these creeps!

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And the truth will set us free!

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Just when I believe that MSNBC cannot be more absurd something like this happens and shows that anything is possible where there is idiocy.

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Everything happens for a reason according to God's laws. lol Now I know why liberals were made. it makes so much sense.

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Very well said William! we must stop commenting on these nut-jobs as it gives them far too much credence. I said this when I heard O'Reilly was going to interview her. He needs to stop going onto their set... but he loves the attention so he will continue no doubt.

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I want politicians like Rocky to keep opening their mouths and have it on record what he intends for the American citizens. The more these elites talk the better for we the people! I still have a hard time believing this snotty nosed guy was voted in by the people of WVA. I could see Connecticut or Mass but come on WVA, whats up with you guys?

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The "Anchorman" analogy is terrific! Ted Baxter would be proud!

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Yes it is fascinating how the Jews don't see or just refuse to see the evil of Soros or Obama.