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What kind of place wouldn't I wear a zelda shirt? Around campus, in chem lab, for bed, while swimming, in the shower, hidden under the church robes, during every exam for good luck, while giving a speech, while going on vacation (that shirt, the entire time), while birding, while playing board games, while playing sports, while just sittin' and chillin' and watching tv with some friends. Basically everywhere that I'm required to wear a shirt, I would wear it.

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I wanna see what they're up to...and regardless of their experiments, I hope that they just expand this next game to be huge, but with something to a big overworld with interesting things happening in it...that'd be fun...

Oh, and there's a srs link fail there...two http's in the address

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Boy, wouldn't it be nice to have at least Link's model be flawless? Since he is the one that we look at the entire game...

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Wow...I know this is a Zelda site and all, but for the love of all things good and holy, calm down! There is still plenty of time in the Wii's life to be getting a new Zelda game, first off. Second off, a quality game takes time to develop, especially if it's going to get majorly overhauled like everyone thinks (and Nintendo has hinted) it will. So the three years really isn't that bad of an amount of time. And third off, cmon: Super Mario Galaxy 2! A crazy action Metroid! Nintendo didn't leave us hanging in the dark for casuals this time rejoice that something is going good for us, and suck it up and be patient for the next will come when it comes, and whining on the front page of a website will not make it come any faster...

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I got really excited thinking it could be Zelda when he was talking about the blogs, but no show...oh well, I found the rest of the mario and metroid announcements to be satisfactory...

And the Wii has time before it's old gen...enough for Zelda...

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Everyone skipping it doesn't ruin the story; it's still there for you to enjoy if you slow down and pay attention. Believe me, I played for a while, and I knew pretty much what was going on and why I was doing stuff the whole time...and when I was lost, wowwiki explained what was up...

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Woo nothing happening yet! I am quite excited to see what they do though.

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I like it. The choir sounds good, and I liked the use of an organ sound at the beginning for the intro...I do wish it was a bit longer, but what can you do?

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It may well have been friendship, but for some reason it seemed a lot stronger than that to me...though I haven't analyzed this, it's just my gut feeling at work...

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Agreed completely. You can tell that Link and Ilia were on the path of love at the beginning, but as the game went, you could feel a super bond growing between Midna and Link. For some reason my gut reaction is with Midna over Ilia, and I must say, there is no Link and Zelda chemistry going on, so we can just let that be.