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It's a bit of a word game, "bank account" versus "spank account" ;-)

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I read your comment with great interest - The things you describe are experiences shared by a lot of people. Ignorance towards a sexuality which are considered to be outside of the "norm" is still present among us.

You are a perfectly healthy person, consensual acts that provides both pleasure and personal development are just healthy, people that tell you that you are possessed by demons and that you are not worthy of being called normal - Those people are the ones not being healthy for you.

When people question your sexuality and tell you that you are not normal then ask them two questions:

1) What is normal?
2) Who defines what is normal?

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Thank you for your kind words

I totally agree with you. To me it's the personality/person that drives submission - And with that comes all the experiences one has been subjected to.

This is equally true for a Dominant.

To me it's the journey that is my pay off, to see someone else grow in their own expression and expanding the abilities that are already there.

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Exactly - Why watch the show if you feel that it is disgusting? My guess is that it was disgusting when it was me being into things.

And my crime was that I used a violet wand on a hostess with all her clothes on and put nipple clamps on a pair boobs - So it wasn't anything that was looking like a porn movie. The things vere also show in an educational context, so it wasn't a session that was being shown.

I'm just like you, I don't flaunt my sexual orientation in every context - But when I do, it's my choice in the end. I don't talk about my sexual orientation in general either, but when people ask it's always my choice to share or not.

My choice seems to bring out the insecurities in some people, but as I wrote in the post - I was prepared for it and coming to this point, making these choices have been a process that have taken place during a couple of years.

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I don't know - I've checked out her blog but couldn't find any way to contact her which is a pity because the blog had an interesting potential when I discovered it.

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You are totally correct Famarus.

It is a general rule not to engage in electroplay with people that have a heart condition, for a lot of reasons - The risk being the most important one.

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Your question is quite easy to answer from one perspective: According to SSC it isn't very sane to cause permanent damages. On the other hand some permanent damage would probably be acceptable if you look at it from a RACK perspective.

Some permanent damages are more acceptable depending on the context, giving birth to a child can cause permanent damages, but is to most people an acceptable sacrifice, while permanent damages in a BDSM context might be considered to be just stupid to some people and in the long run lead to social stigma.

It's all about how much you believe in and adapt to social norms.

Personally I prefer to stay within damages that are reversible, because causing permanent damages would affect my feeling of guilt and it is also a question about responsibility.

The answer is, as you might understand, both easy and complex depending on the perspective that is applied to it.

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Some submissives need a punishment to solve the psychological knots that might occur when they do something wrong, that's the driving force behind an punishment that is used for "reboot" the mind and thought loops.

Punishment is of course not for everyone, but it's not necessarily a bad thing to include punishment in a BDSM relationship, but as always - It depends on the limits that have been agreed upon.

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Journals are a good way of keeping track of how your opinions and feelings changes as the years pass by, so do go back to your journals and share them if you want.

It gives a valuable insight to how you relate to BDSM in different ways.

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Vad är det som är farligt "på riktigt"?