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Faith and works are meshed. If i am baptized and yet have no faith in Christ, it serves me naught. Faith IS the sole component for grace to be received, yet works accompany those with faith. If a man has the broken heart, and contrit spirit and has faith in Jesus Christ, mighty to save, and the man has been bed ridden and imobilized up to his death...yet will he be saved. But here still, you have the eternal workings of the heart...the decision and will, and trust built up to accept Christ. His faith is not without works...his mind, his thoughts, his intentions, his love, his repentance can be defined as decisions. What you decide each accept Christ, to rely on Him or not. To help and serve and do or not.

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The one act of righteousness was on Christ's part. Not mans.

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Amongst the 1000's of churches out there, there is not a consensus on what tota scriptura is, for one must rely on the corruptable flesh of the heart and mind to make thier interpretations. If i wanted to become a pastor, i'd go to one of many Religious colleges and or Seminaries to receive a degree in theology....I am trained in the intsitutions of man. Though the Bible speaks truth, I am liable to misinturprete. As the ruling priests of Christ's age misread the scriptures so it is possible today.