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Well, that's a refreshing first step. Now if we could just get them to stop putting MTF transsexuals on their sex offenders registry for taking androgen blockers, things would improve considerably for Australian trans people.

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Oh, my! Congratulations, ladies! You look so wonderful together! :) I absolutely love Anli's dress! So gorgeous and romantic and feminine... *sigh*

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This isn't about FORCING gays on anyone. This is about MAKING SURE THAT QUEERS HAVE THE SAME LEGAL PROTECTION THAT STRAIGHTS ENJOY. I've got it coming and going - I'm a trans lesbian. I can't get married, and if someone fires me from a job (or refuses to hire me) because of who and what I am I have NO legal recourse. NONE. And my fellow Californians just decided last November that I'm a second-class citizen! I DON'T have the same rights! I can't get married, PERIOD. Now if all marriage was is a religious rite, well, who'd care about that? I'd just find a pastor whose head wasn't firmly planted in his fertilizer factory and get married. But there are COUNTLESS benefits afforded to married couples under the law, from tax breaks to deathbed visitation rights. So it's NOT just a religious rite.

And to be honest, I would *NEVER* want to work for religious organization. Do you really imagine that I'd want to work for people who'd be constantly persecuting me for the "sin" of being myself? Get a clue.

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"Lord, please let me wake up and be a girl(boy) forever."

I'm 42 and I still say this prayer every night. The estrofem and the spiro seem to be His answer. :)