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Haha I think that would\'ve been extra. And very messy for the shower.

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Oh no no no, the massage gun is normally not painful. It generally feels great. This was painful because I was soooo bound up from the hike (and he was using one of the heads -- the forked one that\'s more for back/neck -- that really is merciless when used on other areas of the body like legs. Stick to the ball head or the flat one for everything but along the spine and on the neck and obviously start with the lowest setting and you\'ll love it, I think.

As for leftovers, I got out of the habit of those when I was with Tim. But if I have leftovers from takeout I usually finish them the next day. Not sure how I\'d do with days of the same dinner, but if it\'s something I like it\'s usually not too big a deal. Like when I make beans & rice or the chicken dish -- both of which generally last for 3-4 days.

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Yeah it\'s more a matter of \"I need to eat better because I want to be lighter and just generally healthier.\" But bad food is sooooo good. Sigh.

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Collagen definitely isn\'t cheap, so I imagine liquid collagen is even pricier. Hopefully, Amazon or some place has a good deal. If it helps joints (and for my vain purposes, contributes to a more youthful appearance) then it\'s worth it. I hope the new battery lasts a while!

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Yeah, I was worried about that. Shelves are great, but would quickly make it feel cluttered again. So I went ahead and put everything that was in my vanity drawer into the medicine cabinet. It\'s a bit of a tight fit -- and the cabinet has some wear & tear -- so I\'m getting a slightly larger one. The only thing that leaves is my hair dryer & diffuser (and maybe some of the taller cans of hair product), but I\'ve found a behind-the-door set of hanging pockets that should hold those. I usually only use the hair products and definitely only use the hair dryer every second or third day, so I won\'t be constantly closing the door to get at the stuff I need.

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Hi Kili, I try to say this every so often (usually when a holiday is mentioned) but yeah my diaries run about 1.5 weeks behind when they\'re published. And yes, I\'m definitely considering hiking poles. Though in this case I might have had to leave them at the bottom because it was very steep and all rock so I\'m not sure how well they would\'ve planted. But for most trails I think they\'re very promising.

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So glad you got to toast to the pedestal sink being toast!

I\'m still waiting on bids and need a few more things before I redo the bathroom, so I\'m waiting putting the pedestal sink in until the rest of the fixes get done. Hopefully it\'ll be great!

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I hope it reaches your area too! And that it gets as active in the rest of the country as it is here in Phoenix.

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Cobra Arcade -- and I\'ll happily meet you there. There\'s also a pinball bar now called Stardust (the pizzeria it\'s behind -- speakeasy style -- is called Ziggy\'s so just a little joke) that\'s pretty fun.

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Will do!

And I\'m not very good at home repair, honestly. But light fixture change-ups aren\'t that hard once you read the instructions about 20 times haha. But seriously, you flip off the breaker, unscrew the current fixture and untwist the wires from the fixture to the ones coming out of the wall. Then the new fixture will have its own wires. Even in my 1969 house, two of the three wires had colored sleeves, so I just had to connect the green wire from the fixture to the green one from the wall and same with the white. I couldn\'t tell which of the other wires (if any) in the wall were grounding, so I just did what the instructions told me and wrapped the grounding wire around the grounding screw.

The hardest part is balancing on a step stool, flashlight between shoulder and head trying to connect the wires will making sure the new light fixture is support and won\'t fall.