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Wow, that\'s definitely odd. Why would you only keep a phone for a few months?! I\'ll keep swappa.com in mind when the time comes to buy a new iPhone, but I hope that\'s at least a few years away yet.

And hey, if a top-of-the-line PC brings considerable value to your life and doesn\'t cause debt, I\'m glad you\'re able to get what you want. We all spend so much time with screens, it\'s important to get something that works. My current PC is a tad slow -- but my boss bought it so I don\'t want to complain/insult him by replacing it. So I just curse at it a lot.

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Yeah, it\'s less tempting to run to different stores for the best price. So some people\'s grocery bills will go up at least slightly from that. But those of us who did impulse grocery runs are definitely saving that way, I suppose.

Glad you guys are keeping busy, and that old Disney stuff is keeping those two entertained. The Rescuers is kind of dark for a kids film, I always thought. What with the pet alligator threatening the little girl at any given time. But I still liked it.

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I\'ve been a big fan of the digital library for years (well, back when I was actually able to settle down and focus enough to read) because it meant you never had an overdue book fee. Granted, sometimes it meant not finishing said book. But it also meant not having to take a trip to the library to return any books either, and even when fatigue isn\'t bad (which, thankfully, it rare is these days) I\'m a tad lazy.

It\'s great that there are digital programs through your library.

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Ha, I bet! Now comes the incredibly difficult decision as to whether to resume, I suppose. The worst thing about this pandemic is that there are so few right answers. Just different degrees of risk tolerance -- assuming you even have the option to say no.

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So glad you helped your renters -- and that you were in a place to do so. And yes, as I said you can splurge strategically so as to still stay on track with spending. I\'ve heard a lot of people say goal-oriented passwords or account names really help.

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Insurance! How did I forget that one? Yes, definitely shop insurance -- especially if you\'ve been with yours for a while. Because a) they\'ve probably slowly raised your rate and b) your loyalty for years makes other insurance companies offer better deals because they don\'t think you\'ll switch on them a year later.

I\'ve never tried to appeal my house valuation, but it\'s always seemed pretty reasonable. So yes, if you think yours is too high, definitely look into the process of how to appeal it.

Moving houses is a big ask for a lot of people, and a little dicey during a pandemic. But with rates so low, it\'s certainly worth considering. That said, in some areas the low rates mean almost nothing is available. Apparently, Phoenix has very few listing right now, at least according to a friend who\'s looking around. As for renters... If you have steady income (and enough saved for first month and a deposit), pretty soon a lot of people aren\'t going to be able to pay rent. So it might be worth looking around to see if you can get a better deal. Apartments may start offering some really good specials to get people who will actually be able to pay.

And yes, little cuts are exhausting. Though with the average cable bill being more than $100, I don\'t consider that terribly small. So do the big stuff first. But once you\'re done with insurance, have filed a tax appeal and have looked around at housing, it isn\'t the worst idea to focus on the smaller details. If you have the mental and emotional bandwidth, obviously.

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Wow that’s a ton of snakes. But hey at least it led a distraction from COVID, I guess? I know things are still very ugly in FL. I hope they settle down but I don’t think we can hold out breaths on FL, TX or AZ unfortunately. Guess we’ll just have to power through and yeah, look for heartwarming stories or for me cute animal videos. There’s one of a baby armadillo playing with a dog toy that very nearly made me do the girl noise out loud.

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Yeah, just knowing how things are going... Of it were a question mark I’d definitely freak out more. Which is why this past 7-10 days has been awful. The labs are backlogged horribly, so we’re getting anywhere from 4K to 8k fewer results than normal a good chunk of the time. So it’s hard to gauge trends. Ugh. I’m glad you’ve found what works for you. I hope it helps with the anxiety.

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Yeah, ghosting is very frustrating. Or just when people are uncommunicative in general when you’re trying to make a connection or prolong one you thought you had. But that’s the fun of dating I guess? Ugh.

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Yes, and I explained myself quite clearly I think in response to your comment last week. As I did to Chris. It would be harder on my mental state not to know what was going on at all, and the historical views for the DHS dashboard don’t match the new case numbers reported on any given day in the daily summary. (Example: 2,000ish new cases reported yesterday, 644 when viewing historical data on the “Cases by Date” area) Thus, a more sporadic check would give me no actual information.

I promise you that I have weighed the pros and cons of staying abreast vs ignoring it. The latter would be worse.

My meds are working fine, anxiety is actually quite low. So I have made a rational choice based on my emotional needs and anxiety triggers and I would very much appreciate if you took my word for that rather than deciding that I’m making things worse for myself.

Reporting the numbers so that readers have an idea what’s going on here (and hopefully will remember it the next time they’re tempted to eat indoors) does not mean I’m a bundle of nerves. COVID infection rates here have a huge impact on Arizonans’ day to day lives (if nothing else, it’s caused closures and lets us know when some activities like haircuts might be a reasonable risk again). It makes sense to want to be abreast of that information.

I’m not having panic attacks. I’m not despairing, thinking I’m going to die just because numbers rise. I’m fine as long as I know the progress of case numbers, and I really am not interested in explaining that over and over — l- or feeling that I need to justify my choices for what best works for my own mental health (which I’ve discussed with my therapist incidentally) any further. So please just trust me that it’s really really REALLY not the issue you seem to think it is.