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Yeah, the Aaron situation is murky. I\'m reminding myself that even if it doesn\'t work out, he\'s been clear that he cares about me. So if he decides he doesn\'t have room in his schedule to see me regularly, I know it\'s not that there\'s something wrong or lacking in me. (Which I\'d know intellectually anyway, but his being open and communicative about it will make it a bit easier if it comes to pass.) It\'s just that we have different priorities and he\'s not able to meet my needs. It\'ll suck, but I won\'t be miserable. And like you said, I have people to go out and see. I\'m also joining a few more MeetUp groups and keeping an eye on events there. If nothing else, we kind of want to add some people to our trivia team. So it\'d be good if I can lure some people to us haha

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Well, right now there\'s not a lot to recommend them except for maybe a CD. I mean, you\'ll get a higher interest rate than your normal bank but right now I\'m earning a whopping 0.5%. So I would say for now it\'s probably not worth the hassle? But overall I really like the system and haven\'t had issues with them. And I can create my zillion little sinking funds and name them each something different to keep everything straight. The only downside is that, if you need money unexpectedly, it does take 2-3 days to transfer my funds to my main bank. But I guess that\'s why God invented credit cards.

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Oh dear, I’m so sorry!

If it helps calm you, the numbness (more correctly, it felt like when your foot falls asleep but spreading over my body) came long before the neuropathy. So if you’re not having paralysis and numbness, it’s probably not GBS. Small mercies. I’m sorry about the neuropathy though. It can be so very excruciating.

When one lady was brought in to help me cope, she told me to try to actually focus on the pain and break it down. I’m not explaining it well but essentially, peer through the pain until it kind of breaks down into smaller more manageable amounts. It sounds weird and it didn’t always work, but I figured I’d mention it. Sometimes the pain did sorta... disassemble when I just breathed and focused.

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Handy system! Since my income doesn’t vary a huge amount, a buffer fund is less necessary. But I think anyone with irregular income would be well served by having funds at the ready.

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Not much of an expert in this area but it’s my understanding that without documentation of the loan and that it was not a gift, you’re unfortunately going to have a hard time. You could try small claims court but it’s your word against his that he agreed to pay it back or that he agreed to have already paid it back. And that’s assuming you can show you gave him the money (PayPal, Venmo, check) at all.

There’s a legal site that unfortunately I can’t remember the name of but for I think $50 you can ask a question and a lawyer will give you a very basic idea of what your options are or whether more help is needed. (The one we asked said we didn’t need further help at that point, so they’re not really pushing to make you spend more.) I’m sorry I don’t recall the name but if you do some googling you may find a similar site and you could ask them what recourse you have.

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You too!

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Aaron\'s radio is almost always up like a zillion decibels when we get in his car. Every time it scares the hell out of me. But so many things do, I guess I\'m semi-used to it? But when my friends play those giant Jenga games I\'m a tense, nervous wreck.

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I\'m so sorry that you\'re able to relate. I wish no one were, really. But too many kids are traumatized by a bad parent. All we can do is hope that more awareness means fewer victims in the future.

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Yeah, words wound deep and it takes far more time and work to heal from those. And since there\'s a stigma still around mental illness, people don\'t even realize how normal their wounds are. I have had multiple people surprised when they find out they\'re not the only ones whose brains replay stupid crap they said from years ago. (My therapist called it the Shitty Committee, which is hilarious.) The more we all talk frankly about not being okay, the more okay it will be to be not-okay. And the more people will just generally be relieved to find out they\'re not alone, they\'re not weird. And that is valuable beyond measure.

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Okay it\'s decided: From now I\'ll I\'ll say fuel haha