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My Opinion: Who cares?

Has there been 10 goals scored the entire World Cup?

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When articles like this appear, the reality of economics must be brought forth to counteract the ill-gotten stances on public policy. “Free preschool” is not free. Spending on programs like this will on net take economic activity out of society. It’s hard to find those hidden, direct negative consequences, but they exist and likely exist via lower employment, lower capital expenditures, and lower wages.

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The naiveté of the economic policy position of this article is stunning. These opinion pieces that continue to extol the old adage that “the rich rob the poor and helpless” is truly a lazy argument that’s not based upon any fact of economic science. It’s the easiest argument to make to the masses because it’s what they’ve been trained and it’s what they want to hear. So this article continues to spew the myth. Of course, any public policy that is intended to help those less well off is always a direct, absolute and positive benefit to society. Right? [sarc]

Rather, it’s an intellectually challenging argument to make in opposition to this old adage. Yet it is the truth that capitalism and the free market have been the economic and social systems that have forged mankind ahead from the depths of poverty in striking speed and fashion over the last 200 years.

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Todd, seriously... you naiveté about economics is truly stunning. It’s the absolute laziest and easiest argument to make that the “rich rob the poor and helpless” as you so figuratively do time and again in your opinion pieces. I would really appreciate actual thought and reason supporting your case on economic policy that so far has shown to be void of logic, reality, and economic science.

Perhaps, just perhaps, tax relief for businesses will in fact allow companies to hire the parents of those soon to be school-less pre-school children and pay them more for their employment, as the general cost of business would go down with lower taxes.

But alas, I’m sure you’ll adore and write a rave review of the upcoming Russell Crowe movie – Robin Hood!

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All the best for your family in this difficult time.

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Someone from the federal reserve giving advice on how to save - or as it sounds like she is saying that savings is good. But... that same federal reserve punishes savers by inflating the money supply and thus causes price inflation - which actually punishes savers by their saved dollars are worth less in the future in relative price terms. To me, this is consistent with the rubbish coming from the mouths of the federal gov't and the fed reserve as we the people are made poorer.

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I'd gather that if William, Marvin and Keith all went to the Grain Processing Corporation management directly to discuss their individual talents and capabilities, they'd be hired on the spot.

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Or otherwise stated as "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." It is just so easy to describe that societal imbalance, ain't that right think_first?

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Of course, think_first, money IS the root of all evil.

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Gov't take over of General Motors. Policy decision. Inhibited the free market in bankruptcy. Inhibits the free market now in automobiles sold in the US. Ask Ford Motor Company if a free market exists in the auto industry after that policy decision.

Bang, think_first, too dah loo.