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Bess all grows up! Since the day I met you at Spitzer's Tavern, I knew you were going places. I just didn't realize you would makes stops along the way like: Happiest Hour and that Tribeca bar with lounge chairs from your favorite uncle's mancave. I'm sure your wit will get even sharper and your sarcasm snarkier. As it has been said here already and likely countless times more, DB will never be the same and You. Will. Be. Missed! Do your thing...congrats! *sniff*

Long time reader, avid poster, part time stalker :)

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hold up, UBS still has an investment bank?

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long time reader, first time commenter (okay, first time in a long time)...

scratching my head here...(a) he already paid the first $10MM installment; (b) what grown man puts heart emoji's in an email to a woman who he claims is extorting him; and (c) how did HE get married twice and manage to keep her on the side?

Sage Kelly, your title is in serious jeopardy...

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even if I assume there is a woman taking the photo (highly unlikely), there appears to be one dude too many...other than that, I have no concerns.

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a) written in pencil, b) written on paper...what, did (s)he lose her/his palm pilot?

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A public works Baltimore...worked 82 hours (emphasis on 2) during a two week period. Other than that, I have no concerns.

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The white suit says: "I'm the innocent target of a witch hunt by Big Brother";
The flared out eyeliner says: "if you thought the Black Widow was tough, you probably don't want to come at me bro"

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open, closed...doesn't matter. nothing to see here, move along.

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the apartment is in brooklyn, other than that, I have no concerns...

-guy who knows better than to cross a river to get to the office

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even an airbush can't make her look she morphing into Jim Carey? Bruce Jenner, you started an awful trend...