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Thank You all Military men/women for doing what I did not have the guts to do in 1969, this current occupyer of OUR house must be retired for this Grand Old Republic to survive.

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Yes Mickey, His OPEC buddies that have no Christians, no Jews in any part of construction, maintance or their goverment.
The "greenies" by in large commies, while middle Americans are to the current occupyer of OUR White House "bitter clingers" and he does not want them to prosper.

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" Thus, neither Burton nor Depp showed up on White House visitor logs." A chilling revolation, why should anyone be supprised. Like a spoiled child on Christmas day wanting everything with no hint of sacrifice.

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Mister Fontova, thank you for the history lesson, so close yet with the dinosar media so far away.
Like I have said "socialism / marxistsm is great, long as YOU are the one riding in the limo", since Hitler till the present we have seen most ditcators getting in and out of that black Merceies-Benz, the most motcho were the ones with the vertical headlights and their countrys flags on top the front fenders.

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How does one spell RICO ?