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"Hell (is) a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives in the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment."
C.S. Lewis

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Or maybe, "regretting" that one's true feelings on a subject were spoken.

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"I "misplaced" my keys." = Indicates an unintentional lapse of memory or attention

"I "misspoke" in a lengthy position statement wherein I endorsed assigning guilt in the absence of evidence; delegating punishment in the form of removal from one's chosen university without recourse; and branding with the stigma of a serious, though unsubstantiated, sexual assault." = Indicates that Polis gave voice to his authentic point of view -- A point of view which would empower an individual or small group, unaccountable to any court of law, to permanently alter the course of a man's life, without evidence or substantiation.

When someone tells us who they are, as Polis did here, we should listen. The fact that he issued a lame "retraction" (for political expediency sake) doesn't change his core belief system.

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Hey 9835476 --

The fact that changedman2 questions the motivation of those who elected Polis to office does not make him a "gay hater". He questions how some voters may have assessed Polis' qualifications, and how much weight they gave to the fact that he is gay in judging him to be a suitable candidate. I'm going to assume that you believe there were people who DIDN'T vote for him ONLY because he's gay. Will you not concede that there were people who DID vote for him ONLY because he's gay? Or are you one of those who believes that this type of bias only runs one direction?

You're clearly one of those people who assigns "hate" to every philosophical or ideological position that doesn't fully embrace your own beliefs/biases.

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No, probably just accused of being a homophobe.

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This "one stupid thing" is indicative of how Polis views the established legal rights of Americans under our constitution and criminal justice system. That's a stupid thing, all right, but it's a very big stupid thing.

People have come to America from every country in the world, many of them to escape egregious abuses of power in their home countries: indiscriminate search and seizure; unjustified detainment and imprisonment; lack of due process; anonymous and unsubstantiated testimony by an accuser or witnesses.

You: "It doesn't seem that your voting acumen is developed enough for me to respect."

Wow, that sounds like something Derek Zoolander would say, dude. Thanks for the chuckle.

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Whoa, get a hold of yourself, lissmith. Gay or straight, propositioning is a far cry from rape.

But it would be interesting to know if Polis would support the same policy in a scenario like this:

Gay guy "in the closet" has sex with another guy, then accuses that guy of threatening to "out" him (in-the-closet-guy), if he refused sex. Again, not rape, but an awful thing to do, IF IT REALLY HAPPENED. Should we expel the accused sexual extortionist based on an accusation?

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Sarcasm, I hope?

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Polis is a silly little man, made rich by his family business. He's also a knee-jerk compassionate, siding with whomever he perceives to be mistreated or abused. He projects his own insecurities with respect to perceived injury and discrimination onto others, so that he can champion their cause. His policy would jeopardize the futures of wrongly-accused men, but then men are usually bad, right?

It's said that Duke paid a $60 million settlement to the three wrongly-accused lacrosse players. Can you imagine what that did to Duke's insurance premiums? In Duke's case, it's a private university, so with the exception of things like government research grants, it's privately funded. In the case of CU and CSU, publicly funded schools, "our" money is at stake. Maybe a rich kid like Polis doesn't think about things like that, let alone destroying the lives of innocent men.

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Sad, sad, sad. And very frightening for parents of young people who can sometimes find themselves in the middle of situations they can't predict or control.

Yes, they did swallow the drugs. If you live in Boulder and you were a teenager in the 60's-70's, I'm betting many of you swallowed some drugs, too. Some of you may have even had a "bad trip" or two. Admittedly, this is the worst "bad trip" scenario imaginable, but as they say, "There but for the grace of god . . ."