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i loved reading this. i was a single mom of 3 girls under 4 yrs old when my knight in shining armor came into our lives last year. we just gave birth to a baby boy and are planning the wedding for next fall. yay for happy endings and beginnings

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having the care of midwives in a birth center was the best! they understand the laboring woman needs to be left alone to do just that- labor, just as our bodies were made to do. we feel very blessed to have had a natural birth under the care of loving midwives.

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i was vegetarian for about 7 years before becoming pregnant w the first of now 4 little ones and had no interest in changing. i decided to take the plunge without discussing it w anybody and on my lunch break walked myself across the street to Arby's for a beef-n-cheddar! not the most nutritious choice, but i had to start somewhere in the first of many disgusting steps toward doing whats best for baby.