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Dear Capt. Amritjot Singh,
Please apply with Club One Air directly. This is simply a free blog providing free information on general aviation, flight training and pilot jobs scenario. We are not engaged in flight training, flight school or pilot job placement business. Best.

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Yazan, yes anyone with at least a PPL can obtain a type rating, in most cases. However, some type ratings have restrictions like SIC only etc, unless you meet some higher minimums. You should check with the training organizations that provide type ratings to get the details.

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Nitin, pro-activeness, persistence, and connections is the name of the game in aviation. I will write another detailed post on options for "low time" pilots like yourself shortly. Checkout climbto350.com and such sites. You will see that there is a lot of demand for FAA CFIs in the middle-east, China and South-East Asia. Don't forget that one of the reasons why we chose to be pilots is the love for traveling the world. Look beyond the comforts of your home (country) and you will find what you've been looking for. And because there are very few who actually do this, this is why there are a few who succeed.. ... even in hard times. I will forward your comment to the pilot friend who works for Club One (privacy) and let him decide whether he wants to connect publicly or not. But one thing is for sure, even he looked beyond his comfortable home country to land himself the job. Keep up the good work on your blog....and build connections.

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In aviation world, everything is relative. So yes, they may be seeking candidates with a certain number of flight hours, but then again, beggars can't be choosers. For example, if they want to hire someone with 1000 hours total time, and out of all the resumes they have received, the highest experience pilot has 700 hours of total time, then most probably they will consider hiring him/her. A lot of other things matter as well. Let's say a pilot applicant with 500 hours total time, but 200 hours in the specific make and model (Cirrus SR-22 in this case), with 100 hours actual IFR - now this would be a much better pick compared to 2000 hours in a C-172 N model doing VFR cross countries.
In simpler words, don't be discouraged with what they are seeking, keep sending out your updated resumes (once every 6 months), and keep adding credentials to your resume, like CFI, AGI, IGI, additional category and/or class, aircraft checkouts...anything you can get your hands on..and keep doing it...until you get there.

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John, you are right about teaching people with "limitations", physically or in other ways, being a privilege, fun, challenging and rewarding. A few years ago, I came across this private pilot, in his early 70s, who had both legs amputated, both above the knees, and he wanted to get his IR. I assigned him with a matching instructor, and he got his IR pretty quickly.
He owned and trained in his own C-172. His new wife (mentally handicapped) would ride along on each training flight in the back seat. The couple would fly 100 nm one way to come pick up their instructor at our flight school.
NOTE: He had lost his first wife and both his legs in an airplane crash a few years ago!

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Now I wonder, who is going to be the World's FIRST Deaf Commercial Pilot and a Flight Instructor?

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No prob John. Let me know when you get your wings! Happy New Year to you as well.

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A friend (and former student) of mine, he put the word out to some bigger aircraft dealers that he is available to ferry airplanes for new owners. In less than a month, one dealer called him and asked him if he could ferry a brand new SR-20 from California to India!! As he had never flown an SR-20 before, they even paid for his checkout/TAA training, and he flew their Cirrus to India! And now he turns down some business as he doesn't have enough time. He ended up working as a chief pilot for the new owner that he was ferrying for. :-)

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By the way, Amanda, if you want to learn at a certain flight school (locally), all you need to do is tell so to the UVU (formerly UVSC) or ERAU people, and they will "approve" your flight training at your local flight school. UVU puts a lot of restrictions though, like you can only receive so much flight training per semester (to reduce early dropouts upon completion of flight training), and ERAU is much more flexible with it. This is something that they do not advertise, but is available. Good luck and happy new year.