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They have the courage of their convictions & the courage of their
faith. God Bless. Merry Christmas & remember Jesus is the reason for the season!

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Just a good AMEN!!! Would that more Christian leaders join this
brave Pastor in saving the US, and save CHRISTIANITY!!!

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I wonder if the hospital administration knew this was a requirement? How could they be so blind? What's so frustrating when I see these stories------I want to talk to the hospital people,
shake them by the shoulders (or neck) & say (scream) don't you see what your taking part in? Don't you see how your sellng out?
Your culture, your way of life, your children ?? For the money?? For Political Correctness? That's their BIGGEST weapon!! Oh, My God !!

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Amen! The've been at it for 1400 Years. And Chris, Good your in operation again. I'm glad__Bosen said it because I thought it.....This is a__Cyber -Terrorist attack. Glad you survived it!!__

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I thank him too. Hitler told people what he intended, wrote a book even. Nobody believed it, they tried to negotiate with him!! What fools!! Here we are again-----same thing ,new actors. I love the quote you have below from Ayatollah Khoneini, he also tells it like it is: "Those who know nothing of Islam PRETEND(capitals are mine) that Islam counsels against war. They are WITTLESS. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all........ people cannot not be made obedient except with
the sword" And it goes on in that vein, it's quit long----check it out. THEY ARE TELLING US

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It's sooo sad.

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I'd say there would be a race war!! Majority of Blacks would never believe it whatever the proof.
I think he was born in Hawaii but the arrogance, the ARROGANCE!! ---of not producing the real
certificate is ASTOUNDING!! It's like all these changes he's trying to make--some clearly unconstitutional & he just keeps going, doing his thing! Like he's King! Just having him HAVE to go to court & answer this would be such a bring down for him, it makes me giddy!!!

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Well said!!!! But , of course, he got there because alot of people didn't want any more of Bush
& associates. He won not because people voted FOR HIM but because they voted AGAINST MCCAIN. They were figuring, "How much harm could he do?" Oh BOY!!!! Live & learn

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They keep showing who they are & what they stand for--but not enough see. " None are so blind as those that will not see." Denial is a powerful defense mechanism. Keep showing their "stripes".
Yes, stop the Islamization of the West, because this is what we have to look forward too.

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Yes, It kind of stops the discussion doesn't it?