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A "Right" is intrinsic, you are born with it - no one can truly take it from you but government can attempt to limit your rights.

No one can take your right to free speech, you have the ability to say, write, express as you wish - irrespective of whatever a government attempts to do. What we have a right to is the pursuit of happiness which Ben Franklin aptly noted is "an action of the self". It is up to you. You have the right to pursue a job, access to such pursuit is equality (the opportunity) not to the job itself. You have a right to purchase health care with the dollars you earn from that job, not demand it, as the article accurately points out, through the slavery of others.

Your life is predicated on each choice you've made. You are where you are in life forged by a series of choices you personally made. If health care were important to you then you would have made choices by which to afford such or get your government out of regulations & controls which limit competition and drive up prices.

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Republicans can't offer credibility when it comes to science when they try and "prove" god existence - there isn't any, it's subjective opinion, which no freedom loving American would care about, it just can't be pushed onto others, thru courts or legislators or schools, otherwise, Republicans make a target for themselves losing the debate every time.

Republicans are so good at self-evaluation & self-correction, it's control then manipulation that gets 'em into trouble because then it just seems like they are doing the same thing liberals are doing.

Now, once on solid footing, demanding evidence from gorebal warmers & those who make the claims about climate change, especially the models/data utilized to "project", becomes an argument that really says, "put up or shut up" and reveals liberals as the frauds they are! It's a tall order, but it can happen.


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I agree that knowing the scientific method from hypothesis to theory to conclusion is extremely important.

Here's the dilemma: Republicans hold "beliefs" about religion and existence for which they don't apply science - to them, a consensus has decided. It's the same that gorebal warmers do.

Here's the solution: belief systems are personal & subjective; we don't argue such things because it belongs to the individual conscious mind to decide.

Here's the problem: Republicans, most often Conservatives, want their beliefs favored in order to impose laws on marriage, education, etc. it's hypocritical

Here's the solution: Republicans uphold limited government by advocating for government to get out of our personal lives, let free market innovation & creativity solve these issues so that each American can live his life as he sees fit, not imposing on others or asking for favor/entitlement.

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With freedom comes responsibility. Americans are part of this world and if we uphold freedom of the individual, then so long as any human being is not free, America must prioritize those situations which are a threat to freedom and act. "Head in the sand" attitude is irresponsible.

Hopefully that clarifies those points. Check out my blog or my homepage for my book, there's some info there, too.

BTW - thanks for having a rational discussion - it's refreshing! : )

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Actually, the free market can manage the "social issues" of concern by getting gov't out of 'em to start with, then having Americans who are passionate about certain issues, create solutions that are funded & promoted with free market dollars; no more subsidies or gov't favoring the self-interests of others.

Independents don't like war, and I agree, I'm not fond of it myself. However, I live in reality that in our development as a society there are people who want to kill Americans, there are people who want to enslave other human beings, commit genocide, et.al.

and I agree, Barry the usurper! did you see the latest on Repubx.com? check it out.

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Independents become too "isolationist" when it comes to safety of the nation. Republicans can get this done; Conservatives cannot. Far too long conservatives brought social issues into the fray hoping to sway votes (we call that entitlement, btw) instead of holding to limited gov't, fiscal/personal responsibility, safety of the nation.

Free Market solutions can solve these social issues with creativity and innovation, not through government imposing/infringing on Americans.

If you're a conservative wanting gov't to control behavior (read: moralize) through legislation, then you're part of the problem because you're asking the same thing that liberals are - entitlement and favor for your opinions over others.

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For an administration that talked a lot about responsibility, they sure haven't shown much of it or taken any of it...of course, they just talked a lot about it, they didn't actually SAY they were going to be responsible...perhaps I didn't hear that message correctly. But what do I know as a typical white man.

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it's both: because he's black and because of President Bush...hmmm, there's more: and because we haven't passed universal healthcare, or gorebal warming legislation, and not removed all our guns, not redistributed wealth from the productive to the non-productive... I'm sure there are others we're missing.

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I just love the contemptuous attitude of people where they can "release" their press statements and think that we should all just subjugate to it and be done with it. ............ Americans will not be bullied, we'll do as we damn please and if that means continuing the investigation of this trash, we'll do it! Who the F*ck! do these people think they are! THEY SERVE AT THE PLEASURE AND FINANCIAL GENEROSITY OF THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS! THE ARROGANCE IS BREATHTAKING!

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"We are an organization committed to halting the foreclosure crisis and keeping people in their homes" YO BERTHA, this is done by people paying their bills. and when they can't pay their bills, then they lose their homes. their not entitled to purchase a home, only given opportunity. IT'S CALLED PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - own your choices, don't make choices you can't respond to, don't make choices at a cost to others who didn't consent!