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I just checked, you logged in with GFC.

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I don't think you are a terrible friend, as I am sure you can tell, I understand that life gets in the way sometimes. I hope that school works out well for you, and if you ever want to take a break and be a Utah ski/board bum for a few days, you are always welcome. The snow isn't so great yet, but it will be. I will be back to skiing this winter, though I have been advised to take it easy since I had an injury and a year off. I will do my best not to re-break myself I suppose.

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Nah, you didn't offend me, were you trying to?

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You really think that I would delete your comment?! The irony of the whole thing I think, is that if people were less ignorant of other people and of the rest of the world, we wouldn't have as many terrible events recorded in history or happening today.

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Many thanks to you Kris!

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I am not sure that busy is even a big enough word for it. Crazy.

Glad you enjoy my blog!

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Thanks, I am glad that you found it helpful!

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What a great vlog Michael. I loved it, I have no other words. Excellent, so much fun to watch.

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Glad to have another person posting on my blog, who like me, never really studied for anything in school! It seems that we share some of the same thoughts on do-overs!

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Yeah, everyone was OK, it just was a bummer.