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Just to say thank you that you keep TU going. I'm not jailbroken and have not been for a long while but I like to keep those blobs in case I ever feel the need to.

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Sorted it! Turns out your blobs are stored in a folder at file path user/.shsh The important thing is that in OSX if you put a dot in front of the folder or file it makes it hidden. So you would see a folder called SHSH but one called .SHSH would be invisible. To show hidden files quickly open a 'save' window by (for example trying to save a word document). When in the save window push cmd+shift+ . and you can see hidden files. To see them permanently in all locations there are terminal commands. Go to OSX daily dot com and give it a google! Hope that helps someone at some point

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Silly me! Hi there I had blobs saved in TU for four different i devices but they were located on my daughter's user account so I changed the default location for saving .shsh blobs to a folder on my account and did a 'save shsh' with my iphone plugged in. Now it seems to only have the new ones I saved for my iphone that was plugged in. I can't find the default storage location on my daughter's user account. I have even been to my back up hard drive but I can't find it there either. Could someone tell me the default location before I messed with it? Are they hidden files? surely I should be able to find them on the hard drive? I have used spotlight to search for .shsh but no luck.Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone. The i clarified tutorials to use redsnow on a 3GS and macbook pro seem very straight forward but I have some memory of a problem in the past with Tiny umbrella leaving some file somewhere and this potentially messing up a JB. I think at the time it was advised to use terminal to delete this file? Any comments or do I not need to worry about this? (I have all Shshs stored on TU).
Thanks as usual