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Wow would REALLY love one of these promo codes, thank you for the chance!

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Well I suddenly saw this in my downloads when I connected and I didn't pay for it to my knowledge so... sure hope it was the redeem code! :) I'll try it out either way and let you know. I am TERRIBLE at math but this may help me with that.

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You know sometimes it says the offer associated with that code has expired. So soon?

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The price went up to $1.99, I'm going to wait a bit, but putting this one on my list to buy as well :) Thanks Jerad!

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Same here, I really like this app, but the price is a bit too high. I'll wait a bit, but it's definately on my "wish list" :)

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I downloaded the lite version. Sorry to say not impressed. MyPaint2 does a much better job and has a wider assortment of colors to choose from, also lets you draw on pics from your photo roll. This could be a better app but they'd have to add much more for me to think of buying it. Sorry devs!

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Okay I am hooked on this one, going to have to buy the full version. It is so much fun! :) There is nothing really hard about it, but yes you have to watch which characters come to the door, and don't shoot too soon, wait for them to draw. Love it though, been playing it all weekend.

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This is a really fun app :) I have 358 songs in my itunes folder and have played this game 3 times already, only missed ONE song. Love it because I can play this with friends and challenge them to beat my scores. Thanks again Jerad, great app!

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Got one, yay!! :) Thanks Jerad!