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Sometimes you just have to piss off the wrong people. For once, I'm glad the "wrong people" are on our side.

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Interstate Cameras have infared flash technology. Officers said that in the online chat a month or two ago.

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Caption says: Wide Receiver Jewel Hampton? Did he move to a new position and no one told us? Or is this part of his suspension? :-)

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Sounds like this is going to be a great book! I know I'll be picking up several copies when it hits the stands. Thanks to you, Marc, and Scott for doing this!

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I know I'd be glad to show support for a member of our military! If you really want someone to send you one, let me know your e-mail addy and we can talk.

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Thanks for sharing this story Mike, it is great to read about Iowa pride travelling the world. On top of that, stories like that of Col. Stavnes are always nice to hear!

Col. Stavnes if you are reading this - thank you for your service and dedication to our country so that we can enjoy and celebrate our freedom again this year on Independence Day. It's because of people like you that we can proudly state that this is the best nation in the world!

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Another nice article to read and get some background on a recruit with some great potential! Our recruiting efforts reaching into some of the top schools in Florida is definitely a good sign of where the program is right now. We seem to be getting stronger recruits each year and all we can hope is that they pan out in the end. He sure seems to have some nice touch on the deeper passes and isn't afraid to throw in traffic - with only 5 picks last year!

We'll know in 3-4 years if Rudock will be the next big thing at Iowa.

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At this point, I think ISU is looking for any spark to get them going against Iowa. The usual little-brother bit they like to play. Just look at some of the posts recently that ISU fans have been putting out there. They are complaining about the ANF stickers now, of all things. This will become motivation to them, but hey, they need it I guess.

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Great point Mike. It was a great game last year for sure, and let's hope it's the title game this year!