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The above URL is too long...just google the texe ie "it is a sing of ...." to find the post.

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I found something interesting on this subject (using google)

Congresswoman Jane Harman, in an interview blames Iran for the assassination::

"'s a sign of desperation to start killing your own nuclear scientists...."

Read it in:

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Part 4

IF as a first step, the Iranian protestors show civility and maturity, ACCEPTING the WILL of the MAJORITY and stand behind (THEIR theocratic, backward and corrupt ) regime
then, the plots of the neo-cons and warmongers might get botched away. Unfortunately that is a big IF.

Otherwise if they make the same mistake of Fatah in Palestine ie not accepting the result of a legitimate election....then.... another Iraq tragedy is on the works.

IF the progressive anti-regime Iranians realize that history is in their side, by being PATIENT, not in far future, the opportunities will arise to establish a long-desired secular, civil and democratic system of government.... without any interventions from any of the outsider hegemonic villains.

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Part 3

The question is,....can Iranians neutralize the sinister plots of the outsiders? At this point in time their chances of success is not high. The horizons are dark considering the current power of the corporate media, US Congress, Obama being in the white house, majority of the American public believing Iran is a (nuclear) threat and the enormous international resources being utilized to crash Iran, (100s of million dollars of budgeted cash and expert groups of saboteurs working full time on Iran).

Sadly the skies are getting darker day after day.

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Part 2

Nearly all reliable American polls and deductions from other mathematical Estimation techniques prove "with high level of confidence" that:

Ahmadinejad won the June election by a wide margin.

Then why the corporate media trumpeted false claims and lies of “rigged” election and “widespread” fraud”?

The Anti-war analysts who have studied the “color revolutions” see the hands of the foreign enemies of Iran in that event.(Google “effort to destabilize Iran” and read some of the revealing facts on such assertion)

The fears of “war with Iran” or “instigation of a civil war in Iran” are still hovering around.

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Part 1 of 4

This scientist is not the only brainy Iranian killed this way and he might not be the last.

If you Google “assassination Egyptian Iraqi Iranian physicists” you might find some alarming facts.
As far as I am aware, this scientists is the third Iranian casualty. Last year “...a world authority on magnetism..” was mysteriously killed. JP indirectly boasted it was a Mossad job. Also an Iranian (nuclear) scientist has been kidnapped by Saudis and handed over to CIA. Iran claims he is in a US prison.

No doubt Iran is facing many formidable and determined foreign enemies.

If Iranians are smart they can neutralize some of the plots of their enemies.

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Pat, do you know Kenneth Timmerman before the election mistakenly spilled the beans on the “Green Color for Iran”. (Understandably that illustrious significant post was (quickly?) deleted and can not be accessed on the Internet anymore) However a small part of it can be read here:

The plot to further de-legitimize and demonize the regime was concocted outside Iran using the occasion of the election. It must have been a cooperative extensive plot . The universal well-coordinated false trumpeting of “egregious widespread election fraud” by neo-cons, their stooges, Internet, and their corrupt media is a compelling proof of the existence of such plot.

Also ask yourself why Ari Ben Menashe, in “Profits of war” implies Mousavi’s friend was a CIA agent? Is such an allegation important? Does all the pieces of puzzle fall in place neatly and nicely?

Isn’t all that worth a professional impartial research? It might open a huge can of bloody worms.

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.“....protesting a corrupt re-election of President Ahmadinejad....”?

Pat, you are gravely wrong on that. Let me explain.

American TFT and WOP polls, match very closely with the results published by Iranian Interior Ministry. Software for Head-Counts from demonstration photos prove, except in Tehran, Ahmadinejad attracted way more Flock than the opposition (According to the official election results Ahmadinejad lost in provinces of Tehran and Baluchestan).

Even ignoring a few Anti-Empire scholars who firmly believe there exists no authenticated proof of significant fraud in the election, the respected sources such as Leverett couples convincingly express the same conclusion.

Pat, many trust you and listen to you. Please, don’t fall in the dirty bloody trap of neo-cons. They are harming themselves and others because their vision is poisoned by racism, self-righteousness and hegemony....and they are determined to mercilessly annihilate anyone who dares to stand on their way.

Iran is their next victim.

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Pat might be expressing his honest thoughts, yet he is repeating the same biassed propaganda of the discredited neo-cons. Quite a few of his info are not right (US built reactor in Arak?) and his assertions on the election and protest demonstrations are superficial and ignore the recent complex interferences of the foreign countries in Iran.

If he Googles “ effort to destabilize Iran ” he will get, among some trash, many credible, interesting (if not shocking) revelations.

Regardless, as an amateur student of the Iranian issues, I agree with his conclusion, simply because I consider dropping of bombs or unnecessary crippling sanctions (such as the pre 2003 Iraq case) are barbaric acts, acts that no one with a clear conscience can approve..

The past records of IRI are appalling , yet, in the recent years I have been witnessing the unfair and unjust treatment of Iran by its determined enemies.

It is hard to stay silent watching those bloody plots in progress. We have to stop another unnecessary war...another heinous crime just to satisfy the goals of a few psychotic entities.

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Close Statistical analysis of two American polls on Iran sheds an important illuminating light on the recent Iranian events.

One poll was conducted by Terror Free Tomorrow in May 2009 before the June election and the other was carried out by World Opinion Poll of the University of Maryland in September (after the election). Both of these polls match closely with the election data published by the Iranian Interior Ministry.

So, Leverett couple were right in proclaiming “Ahmadinejad won (by a wide margin)”.

WOP created a shockwave, it rose a well founded suspicion that the well orchestrated plot to USE the angry anti-regime Iranians and every other means available (such as their Iranian stooges, MEK,, Twitter, the Mass Media etc) was planned outside Iran by that country’s determined enemies.

The above polls and the media’s collectively identical deceptive characterization of Iranians issues deserve a closer analysis of the actual facts. That analysis might produce universally significant conclusions.

I suspect the neocons might be pursuing more horrifying sinister plans, if not starting a war then instigating a CIVIL WAR.