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The anti-war movement before the Iraq war was spirited; its ineffectiveness in stopping the war was disheartening. Being part of it, it was hard to envision that it would be ignored. But it was. This disallusionment has made it hard to mount another anti-war movement, although the case for it is equally, possibly more compelling. The "system" is rigged to make what happened with Iraq happen again and again until something unforeseen happens. I do not know what that might be. It may well be something so calamitous that we may wish things stayed as they are---with imperialism running amuk and all the suffering that goes with it.

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Does anyone believe anything coming out of Iran or from the commentary outside? Why are so many torn by the loss of less than twenty lives yet blase' about yet another drone massacre in Pakistan, this one at a funeral, for goodness sake. The first report was that three times the number killed in Iran were killed in the bombing. Why is it so difficult just to allow Iranians to sort out what happened and deal with it? Was their fraud? Did it affect the outcome of the election? All the certitude about fraud by sometimes intelligent and objective analysts is puzzling. How do we know? Iran should be more democratic and honest, but shouldn't we? The mullahs pick the candidates in Iran, Wall Street picks ours. Choose your poison. Leave Iran alone if it doesn't threaten us, which it doesn't. Societies evolve. How long ago did segregation rule a major segment of our country? How long ago did apartheid rule in South Africa?

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Juan Cole, ever hopeful about Obama, sees the upcoming meeting as important for Obama to assert the powers of the United States and remind Netanyahu that we have covering the Zionists asses since the first world war. Now we want something back. So far Obama has been doing a remarkable job of appearing the stateman and being the enabler for his supporters. Even he must have a good laugh when he states who are we to interfere with the sovereignty of another country. Juan is ever the optimist, even seen Rahm Immanuel as the guy who can lay it out for Netanyahu. Still, it can't get any worse.

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Isn't it extraordinary that the most powerful military nation in the world must plea with one of the smallest not to bring America into a wider war, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and drag down the world economy.