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WOW !!! And God Bless Her..........She says it correctly, brilliantly, and forcefully.
No punches pulled.

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From the article: "The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to modify its image by saying it is a moderate force in favor of democracy and will not seek a parliamentary majority or even participate in presidential elections. This is a political trick." The PURPOSE is to gain one more step toward world-wide Islamic domination using Sharia Law. In other words,
establishing the Caliphate.

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The Frankfurt shooting was an act of JIHAD by one individual.
It was HIS Islamic training which caused him to shoot our
people and to yell "Allahu Akbar" before and after.
Terror can be caused by one individual, so this was an
Islamist's act of terrorism.

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Many of us feel the same way about the UN.
We think we should have dropped that outfit
a long time ago.

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After years and yeas, it is about time that we were allowed to fight to win.

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AFTER THIS TIME: NO person can run for President until, first,
the acceptable United States birth certificate is presented and approved.

How this debacle happened this time (with Obama), I don't know.
But let's never let it happen again.
The Constitution had good reason for requiring the in-USA birth.

will it be possible to totally wipe out all of his mandates, rules, laws, etc?
"Fruit from the Poisoned Tree" -- in Law.
Our President is Poison.
Everything he's done is poison.
So we should have a right to nullify everything
that has been done under Obama's administration.

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"Government IS the PROBLEM."
Remind yourself of that every day,
and we can take away government's power,
and reignite our wonderful freedom, our brave
spirit, and our extreme JOY.

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THEIR idea of "peaceful" purposes is
NOT OUR idea of "peaceful" purposes.
They should not be allowed support of
any kind from anyone in the USA.

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Not enough HERE, either.

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It (especially Mexico's part) should never
be allowed to come to court.