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Yep, it sucks on the admin side as well. And for the record, I had Intense Debate before Jeley did. In fact, I am the one who introduced him to it. Keep in mind that holySmith.com is a testing ground for various WordPress things, and it is safe to say that this test has failed. It's just too clunky to deal with it, so it will go away. Soon.

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I can honestly say that the big snake comment was 100% of his creation and in no way enhanced for dramatic purposes. That particular scene in Empire is one of his favorites, actually, so I think it was on his mind anyway. And the asteroid monster in Empire does look like a giant turd with teeth, so you can see how the connection could be made, even by a 3-year-old.

I am one proud papa.

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"Monkey" is a replacement swear word for "mother" when used in conjuntion with the word "fucker". This is done when they don't just want to bleep out a phrase of a movie, but rather replace it with something less offensive. This is typically done so that films featuring Samuel L. Jackson can be shown on network TV without being one continuous bleep-fest. For example: "How did these Monkey fighting snakes get on this monkey fighting plane?!?"

So what Jeley is really saying here, is that he 'loooooooves' mothers. I'll let the other boys pick up the rest from here. . .

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I immediately thought this was a real-life creation of the Firefox logo. Oh, and booobies.