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We actually just upgrade MU and to P2 a couple of weeks ago. In the process of writing a new post. But I do have to say, P2 is an amazing theme upgrade. AMAZING!! Screenshots & what we've learned over the past yr will definitely be included.

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That's a good idea. I knew this totally existed and never really thought about using it like this. At first pushing stuff to FB and Twitter is more about promoting Shiny New Toy and less about me. But I see what you mean... guess the lesson here is for me to post more often.

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Way to break this news to me. It would probably have been another week until I realized that this feature was added. Good thing I read our blog.

I do agree this will help GTD, especially since I can be unplugged now. Especially when you see my last few tweets about email haven't been pretty.

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Instant fav. Check out the full transcript of Obama's speech at http://bit.ly/bhoinaug09

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LOL! I bet that snarky comment you made about the Aspire is not that far fetched. Just wait a bit and I'm sure someone has already figured it out and will be posting a DIY tutorial online soon.

And in case you missed it, this blew the keynote away: http://tinyurl.com/8x53o8

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Good link... now I know what I'm listening to for the rest of the day. Along with all my satellite radio listening, I've been getting more into the music scene with blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear.

As for the cover art... Create your own modern art: http://windowseat.ca/viscosity/

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The relationship with my iPhone is very much love & hate. I love the overall interface and interactions. I love that I can tweet on whim. But my hatred for the iPhone is pretty epic and definitely out weights all that love. Mostly because the primary use of it doesn't properly work -THE PHONE! I continuously can't make or get incoming calls and am in constant fear that if I was stuck somewhere in an emergency I couldn't get a hold of someone. So I'm saving up for my '09 gadget - the Nokia N97.

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From what I could find in the forums, some people got Podpress to work in 2.7 with a quick hack. Looks like the same hack for 2.6 will work for 2.7.