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I've already got DVDs of The Runaways &Remember Me .And I've ordered and read Water for elephants and watched the trailers ,old and new.Sooo.......clearly.........YES! Ofcourse!!! But, like u author, I'm not so into Kellen's movie or Xavier's.But again,i'm looking forward to Anna and Daddy Cullen's next projects. Twilight Forever..........:)

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Birthday little lovely Nessie!! We love you!

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Edward ,ofcourse!

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I was first introduce to twilight by a reader's digest journal in which a girl asked aunty about her obsession with Edward. And I wished I can get and read those books.Then I had a great chance to ask a bro in Singapore to buy me the book and it took 2 months to get the book in my hand in Myanmar .Then,wow, I'm a big fan since then.I'm sooo in love with the saga.I got New Moon a month later and had to wait extremely long 7 months (which seem like forever) to get Eclipse and B.D.That'sa total 9 months.I am an obssessive Twilight fan right now. And thanks so much for fansites for being able to know there are lots and lots and lots of twihards like me. As for a person who live in a town where there is so little people who knows and loves Twilight, it's a great pleasure to talk of my love for twilight to people who understands very well.

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yeah! u bet!

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it's totally hilarious! I love it. It seems to me like they are also twilight fans, they made it in a sweet funny way for twilight! luv it and waitng to see it :D

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I'm with you Michelle.June 2012 would be much much better.But I love to have twilight in my life:)

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this is way too longggg!!!!!!!!!!have to wait a year for part one and another wholeyear for part two.this is unfair.they have to reconsider the date.PLS pls pls reconsider.I can't wait that long!

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Thank you,Melissa!!!

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I want one too!!!