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Um, you realize she was a writer from the beginning? It would be more accurate to say they made writers into minor characters on the show. Same goes for B.J. Novak.

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I guess maybe hinting at the alternate timelines could be considered a spoiler? But yeah, the rest of it was vague enough not to really spoil anything. Anyone who watches the show could have figured out it was about Lost within the first panel and stopped reading, but you would have to have seen the episode to understand what is was referring to specifically.

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I love the mashup, but I'm concerned. Joel, that's two suicide-related strips in a row. Is this a cry for help?

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The last panel of this comic made me LOL harder than any comic has in a long time, Joel. Absolutely brilliant!

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I actually kind of feel bad for this guy, because he probably knows in his heart that it's a terrible idea to try to turn this into a sitcom, but how can you turn down an offer to produce and write your own TV series?

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I filled out your survey, but it ended up just making me depressed how much money I spend on games and online in general. But I have a feeling those numbers were also good for your survey, so I'm glad I could help :-)

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This one made me laugh out loud and feel really bad for you - in that order. Back problems are the worst. I hope you can get it taken care of without surgery.

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For those who don't get Denise's first line:

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I like how the 1st and 3rd panels are mirror images of one another in terms of Joel and Denise's facial expressions. Was that intentional?

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This is the first time you've done a comic on a TV show that I've never watched. I don't like it... I feel alone, and cold. And scared.

Bottom line - do I need to start watching this? Is it online somewhere where I can catch up?