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Socialism/liberalism in Europe is a subjective term. Having lived over there a couple of times I can tell you that a conservative European politician is not mush better than a liberal Democrat. Their left is waaaaaaaay left and their right is our left. In order for anyone over there to be a conservative, by our standards, he would have to be a radical in their eyes.

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We pay for their defense from what? The Soviet threat is pretty much gone. We have nothing to do with their defense anymore. NATO is a useless tool of europeans living in the past that would fall apart if we left. We could save trillions by leaving this useless organization. France did in the sixties. Of course then the money saved would be used for other useless programs like Obamacare.

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I'm just glad they can't vote for him. Oh wait, voter fraud. The left are experts at that. Just ask ACORN

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They lost the war and 75% of their land.Do you know what happened to the rest of their land? It was stolen by Jordan and Syria and in fact Jordan still possess some of that land. Where is the outrage over this? Why is the possession of land lost to the Jews in war so controversial but the land stolen by Jordan nobody talks about?
Did you know that Israel accepted over a million jewish refugees that were EXPELLED from arab countries but every arab state refused Palestinians entry to their countries? And Israel is the bad guy here?
What was the US response to this? We implemented an embargo AGAINST ISRAEL. Meanwhile the British were selling arms to the Arabs.
The first loss of the Sinai and Gaza was in response to Egypt closing the Tiran Straights (again), expulsion of UN peacekeepers and massive troop buildups by the Egyptians on the Israeli border.
The 1973 war was caused by invasion of Israel by Egypt and Syria. They lost the Sinai (again) and the Golon heights.
Almost all of the territory occupied by the Israeli forces has been returned. In some cases it had to be returned twice.
Lebanon’s territory occupied in 1982 was returned in 1984 and then again Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon in the year 2000 which was supposed to have eliminated any Lebanese grievance against Israel. But contrary to international assurances, the Lebanese government made no effort to secure this border, and allowed Hezbollah to establish a beachhead.
The Sinai was returned to Egypt in 1957 and again in 1980-82. The Egyptians promised to guard the Rafah crossing between Gaza and the Sinai after the Israeli disengagement from Gaza, to prevent smuggling of weapons into Gaza and presumably also to prevent terrorists and their weapons from coming into Sinai from Gaza and continuing the Al Qaeda attacks that have occurred in Sinai the past few years and damaged the Egyptian tourist economy. But this effort has also been a disaster. More weapons have come into Gaza from Egypt in 11 months than in the previous 38 years under Israeli occupation. These weapons include strellas that can be fired to bring down jets flying into or out of Ben Gurion Airport, if smuggled into the West Bank.
The Gaza Strip (which was originally annexed by Egypt/Jordan from the Palestinian State after the failure of the 1948 invasion) was once turned over to the Palestinians for governance in 1991 and all settlements were dismantled again in 2005. Just as with the withdrawal from Lebanon, Israel mistakenly assumed that since Gaza was now entirely Palestinian, at least the occupation of Gaza was one Palestinian grievance that was eliminated. But in the first few months after the Israeli withdrawal, the Palestinians had fired well over 500 rockets at Sderot, and Ashkelon, and other towns in the Negev and have continued to fire rockets into Israel as late as 2009 (6500 missiles between 2005 and Dec 2008 and the city of Sderot has only had 4 days in the last 8 years that rockets had not been fired into it).
Then we had the 2006 tension which began after the Palestinians tunneled under the border into Israel, killed two IDF soldiers, and kidnapped a third. In Dec of 2008 the Israeli army spent an inordinate amount of time destroying countless tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel. Why build tunnels if your intent is peaceful rather than terrorism?
In 1995 the Israelis turned over the populated areas of the West Bank to the Palestinians and all that was left of the occupied territory is a small strip of the west bank and the Golon Heights.
Based upon the above I would consider it foolish for the Israelis to think that returning the occupied lands will insure that the Arabs will suddenly become peaceful now that all their demands have been met. What, except historical amnesia, could have made the left forget that it was Arab hatred and aggression that led, in 1967, to occupation, and not occupation that led to Arab hatred and violence? For 19 years, starting in 1948, the Arabs had full possession of the "West Bank," theirs to do with whatever they chose and, as always, what they chose was not an independent Palestinian state but the destruction of their neighbor, Israel.
Knowing the above how can any intelligent, informed individual blame Israel or the US for the problems in the Middle East. I am a firm believer that if the Arabs put down their weapons there would be no more conflict and if the Jews put down their weapons there would be no more Israel.

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The westerners were not the aggressors but the defenders. Below are excerpts from period sources that demonstrate just how peaceful the Moslems were.
The Syrian Orthodox patriarch, Michael the Syrian, described the conquest of his diocese as follows:
“They [the Taiyaye, or Muslim Arabs] moved into Cilicia and took prisoners . . . and when Mu’awiya arrived he ordered all the inhabitants to be put to the sword; he placed guards so that no one escaped. After gathering up all the wealth of the town, they set to torturing the leaders to make them show them things [treasures] that had been hidden. The Taiyaye led everyone into slavery — men and women, boys and girls — and they committed much debauchery in that unfortunate town; they wickedly committed immoralities inside churches”.
There is no veiled reference to slavery here, it is explicitly stated. These are the same Muslims who now are rioting over a cartoon of Mohammed and yet defiling the churches of Christianity (which is supposed to be a brother religion of the book) was OK. You could make the argument that this happened a thousand years ago but then logically you would have to negate liberal’s arguments that Moslems hate us for the crusades which also happened a thousand years ago. It could also be argued that these writings were just Christian hatred towards Islam.
Here, however is a contemporary Moslem historian’s account, Ibn Al-Athir (1160-1233), which supports all of the above text:
“In 177 [17 April 793], Hisham, [Muslim] prince of Spain, sent a large army commanded by Abd al-Malik b. Abd al-Wahid b. Mugith into enemy territory, and which made forays as far as Narbonne and Jaranda [Gerona]. . . . For several months he traversed this land in every direction, raping women, killing warriors, destroying fortresses, burning and pillaging everything, driving back the enemy who fled in disorder. He returned safe and sound, dragging behind him God knows how much booty”.
The circumstances of the first Crusade were these: The original centers of Christianity (Antioch, Damascus, Jerusalem and Alexandria) were subjugated by the Moslems in the 7th century. Christians and Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land were being molested by Muslims (As they still are today and prevented from reaching the holy places. Many were killed. This was finally the impetus that moved Western Christianity to try to take back just one small portion of the Christian lands that had fallen to the Muslim sword over the last centuries. “The Crusade,” noted historian Bernard Lewis, “was a delayed response to the jihad, the holy war for Islam, and its purpose was to recover by war what had been lost by war. It was a defensive action.
Quite simply if the liberal left chooses to support an Arab claim to the holy land because they conquered it in the early middle ages then I think that the Jews now have a legitimate claim to it now that they have taken it from the Arabs.
In 1948 the territory was ceded by the British and against every recommendation of the Balfour Declaration two countries were created instead of just Israel. Palestine received the largest portion of the territory (52% vs the Israeli 48%).
At this point the Palestinians denied the right of the Jews to have their own country. In typical selfish moslem fashion they decided that they should have a state created for them but the Israeli's shouldnt have one. At this time the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, ordered all Arabs out of Israel. No they were not kicked out by the Jews. This was done, as stated by Husseini too prevent collateral deaths when the Arab armies overthrew the UN mandate.
At this point the Palestinians declared war on Israel AND INVADED THEM with 5 armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan (called Trans-Jordan at the time), Lebanon and Iraq. Israel DID NOT INVADE PALESTINE. The first incursion was at Kfar Etzion the second week of May 1948. The official UN statement is as follows:
“Powerful Arab interests, both inside and outside Palestine, are defying the resolution of the General Assembly and are engaged in a deliberate effort to alter, by force, the settlement envisaged therein.”
the Arab response was:
“The representative of the Jewish Agency told us yesterday that they were not the attackers, that the Arabs had begun the fighting. We did not deny this. We told the whole world that we were going to fight”.
The Arabs and the UN admit that this conflict was the result of Arab aggression.

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You have read waaaaay too much liberal propaganda.
Before 1948 there has never ever been a palestinian state. The Area is "called" Palestine just like the islands off the coast of Europe are called the British Isles. That doesn't make it a country or a people.
TThe territory was Jewish from before 1300 BC until the year 77AD (with a slight vacation during the Babylonian captivity). Since then the territory has been owned in succession by the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Umayyads (638-?), the Abbasids (?-1099), the Crusaders (1099-1187), the Ayyubids (1187-1516), the Ottoman Turks (1516-1917) and finally at the end of WWI was turned over for governance to the British by the League of Nations. The Holy Land area, especially Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and Damascus, were the main centers for Christian learning and theology from late ancient times until their conquest by the Moslems in the 7th century. I stress the word CONQUEST. They had large populations of Christians and Jerusalem in particular was a predominately Christian city until it was conquered by the Moslems in 638AD.
At no time in the last 3300 years did the Palestinians (who are nomadic Arabs) ever independently rule an iota of this territory. So who are the Palestinians? Up until recently they were whoever Yasser Arafat said they were. Arafat himself was Egyptian and most of the Arabs living in Israel and so called Palestine came from other countries. Since the Oslo accords 400,000 Arabs have moved into Gaza from Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. Since 1967 the Arabs have built over 250 settlements on the west bank compared to about 150 Jewish settlements. The liberal media seems to think that only the Jewish settlements are provocative and destabilizing. Arabs have been flocking to Israel (were not indigenous inhabitants) ever since it was created. Even in 1939 Winston Churchill said "So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population." This also shows that they were not being persecuted by the Jews. Why do liberals insist on legitimizing a Palestinian state when all the evidence points to there never having been one? Even as late as 1906 a travel guide of the area says that the Arab population in Jerusalem was minimal (11.6 percent) with even Christians being a larger percent of the population (21.6%) and the Jews being the largest faction at 66%. Hard to believe especially as this was at a time when the area was governed by the Moslems, from Turkey, and Jews were forbidden to own land or immigrate to the area. (Yes Arab persecution of Jews goes a long way back) So do not make this conflict one of Arab rights to the land. They are in the same situation as the illegal immigrants from Mexico to the US. They had homes in other countries and chose to leave there. They are not indigenous to the area and most are of other nationalities originally and NOT whatever passes for Palestinian this month.
Prior to the Romans the only country on the land currently being disputed was Israel.
It is nothing more than an excuse of the so called Palestinians (and Arab extremists) to blame the crusades for their hatred of Jews and Christians when the Crusades were a retaliation of Moslem conquest of Christian Palestine, their burning of the Vatican in 846, the occupation of Sicily in 827, the invasion of Venice in 836, the subjugation of the entire North coast of Africa, the conquest of a large portion of Spain and attempted invasion of France (try reading the Song of Roland). The final straw that caused the first crusade was that after a few centuries of relative peace (if you didn’t live in the above areas while they were being subjugated by Moslems), the Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim reintroduced old persecution habits, including the wholesale destruction of two thousand churches throughout the empire, most notoriously Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher in 1009.

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Is any one surprised by this? Jimmy Carter has bought into the revisionist history of the Middle East for decades. He is directly responsible for our current situation with Iran when he failed to support an ally against a military takeover of that country by radical religious fanatics. He has the nerve to take credit for the Israel/Egypt peace treaty when that process had started long before Carter got involved. He was invited by the two countries not the other way around (read "The Kingdom: Arabia and the House of Sa'Ud" by Robert Lacey to get the correct story (not the same as the movie).
Now we are supposed to care what Jimmy Carter thinks about the Middle east?

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So the administration that blamed Bush for jobs being outsourced has now had two articles written, in the last month, about them creating jobs overseas.
I guess outsourcing jobs and overspending wasn't really what they were campaigning about after all.
Ignorant Americans were, once again, played by the left's shysters. You can talk all you want about Fox news and the fact that they lean to the right but atleast they called this one exactly right.

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This is one irresponsible b!tch.

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We now know that embryonic stem cell research is no longer necessary as the founder of embryonic stem cell research has now proven. James Thomson was the first to isolate embryonic stem cells ten years ago and in mid November of 2007 announced an embryo-free method of producing genetically matched stem cells. The stem cell debate is now over so you are correct.