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Hmmm. That's what I thought when I first saw the beast. Beautiful design but there is a lot of nose ahead of the aerodynamic centre/CofG, minimal fin and forward swept wings. It could have really sporty flying characteristics. Plus, 500mph? That airfoil doesn't look like it could achieve those speeds on 400hp. Also, having a couple of driveshafts churning away beside my pink body would be concerning (think P-39).

Still, I like it! Ranks right up there with the Spitfire and Constellation for looks.

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A clown. A creepy off red coloured raggedy Anne clown with what are supposed to be lines of stitching but instead look like sutures. It somehow was lost during the last move. Shudder, daughter of Chuckie anyone?

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Slightly off topic but I've wondered if you could dispose of spent reactor fuel in a tectonic subduction zone. Lock the spent fuel in a matrix of some sort, drill into the plate, insert, and let nature take its course. Hmmm.

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Crash investigator, "I didn't think the Martin Baker seat had two rockets?"
Pilot, "It doesn't, I had chili last night..."

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I've been there, very cool and I think they have another turret set up in a fjord further south. According to my Norge buddy they test fired Austratt some time in the '60's(?). It broke a lot of windows...

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Most movies to do with flying (especially Die Hard 2), with a few exceptions.

Oh, and any movie that shows somebody stepping on a land mine that makes a "click" sound and doesn't immediately detonate. That just isn't the way it happens.

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Hooray for the home team!

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Hmmm, have to check those out. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Movies. Most these days are special effects monsters with overpowering soundtracks. How about a clever movie that isn't some obtuse and dark art-house flick?

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Fly-by-wire doesn't bug me any more. In the beginning I was highly skeptical but I've had fewer issues with the FBW birds than the plain old mechanical aircraft. Doesn't mean I haven't had to do the old Ctrl-Alt-Del on various subsystems, on occasion. Never had a serious problem with the flight control systems though.