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If Israel acknowledges its nuclear arsenal then the USA is forbidden by law from giving them financial aid. This is why they play the ridiculous game of denial. It's all about the money, honey.

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Obama loathes Yahoo. So Israel will have to once again rotate their circle of Muppet leaders to keep the apartheid, lebensraum policy going strong.

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The Arab Spring is the worst development Israel can imagine. Instead of a string of sclerotic, dead end dictatorships against which they could strut, in the near future Israel will have to find new excuses to justify their apartheid regime.

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My respect for the Constitution demands I support her right to endlessly wail in the unblinking digital void her cyber screams of shrill rage and despair before finally winking, unnoticed out of existence for eternity. But I won't mourn her absence.

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A massive putdown.

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I know quite a few seriously wealthy people and they all have only one thing in common... they hate Coke. Never drink it.

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Italy is the only country with a trade surplus with Japan. They'll do anything to keep the Japanese happy..

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s'right... but no matter how many times this is pointed out, people act shocked at the idea. The clue that this idea is finally getting traction though, is the mainstream media seem to be less and less "ra!-ra!" about reporting every successive video coming out as they descend into crude fakery...

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Nonsense. These stats are weirdly out of touch with reality. Who's pushing this idea?

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There are only 2 companies in Japan that have achieved multinational status that did not already exist as large family holdings before the Second World War: Honda and Sony. All the rest (yes, including Nintendo) were all already dominant in their industry long, long ago. Don't ever think there's more than a shred of truth to the right-wing argument that government intervention stifles free enterprise. The "Horatio Alger" story of rags-to-riches success is a myth. In every advanced country in the world, established firms have set themselves up as an aristocracy dominating the markets and their populations.