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The only thing I like about flea markets are that things you find - are CHEAP! But they are also probably used, old, toxic, or a combination of the three.

Flea markets = one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I love new, shiny, virgin products. And when I buy things, I like knowing that no one else has used, abused, or gained as much satisfaction from that item as I will. The best part is when those new things are on CLEARANCE or on some HUMUNGO SALE!

Brand new shiny stores = reason why I'm living in poverty now.

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That's how I like it best,
Raw an' Fresh!

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I'm one of those busy/un-thoughtful people who don't have time to filter through wedding registries and prefer to give cash or like-cash gifts instead. So, I always hope that the bride or groom loves cash gifts as much as I Iove the time I save from going though other's wish lists and trying to decide, is someone else going to get this? is this a great deal or the best deal for this type of item? Can I get a product for same/better quality for the same price or cheaper elsewhere? How many excellent options can you have at target.com or bathandbeyond.com? What if the bride really did want to include the Vietri Tableware in her Target wedding registry but couldn't because Target doesn't carry Vietri? That's the beauty of the liquidity of cash - everyone accepts cash and you can use it anywhere for almost anything. Not to mention the wrapping...

I'll have to admit, who doesn't love a beautifully wrapped gift? Nobody. But the appreciation for that superficial beauty will be short-lived and in the long run, the only thing remembered will be the quality and functionality of the thing within the beautiful wrapping. And trust me, I'm all about the functionality baby.

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Wow, this is becoming exceedingly popular and competitive. I WANT TO WIN!!! GIMME!

Baba would like to have a waterfall and botanical garden installed into our living room please.

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is it too late to enter? I wanna win a green home makeover!

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Party on the Patio! I'm having a Memorial Day BBQ on my patio and you're invited! I'm bringing watermelon and corn - the cheapest and most necessary southern picnic foods! Think I'll meet a cute, single, intelligent, successful, kind, patient, Christ-centered man? Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

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keeping the bathroom clean!

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Grey marble and dark grey, white lights, mahongny cabinets, stainless steel appliances PLEASE

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I love herbs.

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Mix and Match because I'm poor and can't afford to buy a nice standardized set so I buy random stuff from garage sales instead.