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It seems this double standard is ONLY in effect in WEstern countries....
In muslim countries non-muslims simply have no right to say anything.
It's only our 'WEstern elite' who allows the muslims to say whatever they want and who will support muslims to indict our own people who ONLY speak out the truth!

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Re: "My diagnosis is that two parts of the cure are, being educated on Islam, and growing a spine."
islam is more then a 'simple' disease, it's a cancer:
(definition follows)
which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood). These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumors, which are self-limited, and do not invade or metastasize.

Surgery: Surgery is cutting away tissue from the body
Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy destroys the cancer cells in the treated area.
Chemotherapy:Chemotherapy damages dividing cells.

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"Córdoba’s Former Great Mosque"

Why isn't the title:
Córdoba’s Former Christian Visigothic Church. !!!

Dhimmi press... too lazy to check their sources!

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non-muslims are NOT EVEN ALLOWED in mecca or medina!
Let alone in one of their mosques.

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"A campus where the exchange of ideas has "restrictions" ? And straight from the University's "propoganda minister""
It's not the first time, that freedom of speech is denied due to street gangs.
2002, if I recall well, Netanyahu was not able to give his speech at McGill in Montreal, because muslims were rioting on the street.

We will see how well she can give her speech here in Calgary tonight, in Alberta, the only conservative province in Canada.

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Or as happens for instance in the Netherlands, by constantly telling the Dutch that Geert Wilders is a islamophobe, xenophobe, intolerant, extreme-right ass hole....

It's called brainwashing and only when you are NOT living in the country, it is so obvious.
But I believe (and hope) that common sense will prevail in the Netherlands and they will finally (as hopefully the rest of our WEstern world - inclusive North America) realize we are constantly lied to and islam IS A CANCER, that will destroy our culture, heritage, democracy and freedoms.

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Not only that: whatever mohamed did, is been told as an example for his followers... an example they are willing to AND ARE following all over this globe.

The stories in the bible, are stories -and I reiterate your comment- and stories of the past...

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I doubt it.. I really do, although hoping that indeed the common man and woman will take care of business.

Bruce Bawer explains this European, or should I state WEstern behaviour of letting go all this muslims crimes: decades of 'eductation' (call it brainwashing) that the government will take care of you, is the basis for NOT doing anything... while waiting for a government that does -exactly- NOTHING.

The ones, that are doing something -be it using only words (free speech)- get prosecuted and convicted.
Two examples:
Susan Winters in Austria
Geert Wilders in the Netherlands...

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Up until now, I have no problems with non-atheists.
My opinion when I see posts like this, is that it just gives you the idea only Christians are a problem to atheists....

But I am convinced that islam is a way bigger problem and threat, not only to atheists in general (we as well as any non-muslim) are either to be killed or converted, but also to the civilization as we know it now.

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Maybe he meant 'in sink' as in 'down the drain'!

I agree on your statement that most people actually stick their heads in the sand when there is talk about islam.
I offered some guests some books to read (about islam)
"We don't want to know", was the (rude?) reply!

Typical for our WEstern civilization: we don't want to know....
After WWII, when people learned about concentration camps, we heard: "Wir haben es nicht gewusst"
But that doesn't count any more in this age of (mis)information.