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Leftist mayor racing to give taxpayer money away to abusive union thugs.

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India is the superior nation based on fiscal policies (limited government interference) and demographics (greater fertility rates, a solid base of young productive workers). India is also in a more privileged position because of their history as a member of the British commonwealth. Their ability to speak and understand English gives India access to a superior knowledge base of management theory and practices and a greater ability to access anglophone financiers. It is widely observed that the most prosperous post-colonial nations were mentored by the British. Anglo-democracy-capitalism will prove to be a superior political economy than communist command-and-control social engineering.

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Breitbart has promised there are more taps ready and waiting.

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Wouldn't someone who was legitimately "pro-choice" oppose taxpayers being FORCED to fund abortions and pro-abortion propaganda? Wouldn't someone who was legitimately "pro-choice" oppose the Supreme Court FORCING states to legalize abortion?

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2012 will still be a challenging year for Democrats in the Senate. In 2012 and 2014, Democrats will have to defend 41 seats (a third of them freshmen) while Republicans will only need to defend 23. The disparity is even greater in 2012 than in 2014. Democrats will have so much ground to defend in the senate (and census redistricting will tilt the scales toward Republican gains in the House) that the Democrats will be stretched thin.

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Beauty and the Beast

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If you have $100,000 to spend, when can we expect Big Education, Big Peace, Big Jerusalem, Big Tolerance, etc?

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No, the Tea Party was NOT "promoted" by Fox News; the Tea Party was reported on HONESTLY by Fox News.

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What I discovered about "1984" is that a socialist is so brainwashed that he no longer identifies with the individual. To a socialist, the hero is the State.