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lazy - that's actually a great way to describe it... excellence often requires specific intentionality

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"I'd like to see publishers be as creative with materials for those without much money to spend as they are with materials for the many emerging digital opportunities out there."

I'd like to see more of them do this as well, but concerning The House, I think they do a pretty good job of making great materials that are affordable.

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hmmm.. just had a thought... not sure, posting it public would be the best idea...

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iphone and android - if you do it....

EDIT: concerning such an app - if it is a devo app, use push notifications to remind the person of the day's devo.

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In our last small group, we had a mix of laptops, iPads and smart phones open - of course the book we were using (Economy of Love) wasn't available electronically, so the tech was being used for bible passage look-ups, notes, and reviewing calendars for the scheduling the next meetings - oh, and showing the Shane videos.

But, for the Kingdom Experiment, we had a lot of folks reading the books via the kindle software on various devices (smart phones, laptops).

We don't "pass on" content, we ask each person to buy the product.

I honestly think that the KE project was the best balance... the only shortcoming being the lack of video media (we created our own to fill the void)... It would also have been awesome to be able to use the book's photography in digital form.

The Economy of Love video media was lacking to me, in that it was merely parts of an interview with Shane. We tend to like to see into the lives of people, hearing other average Joes' takes on the topics being discussed.

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Today, I really needed the encouragement of being included in such amazing company. Thanks, Kevin.

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I hate judgmental people too.. oh wait....
My recent post 5 Free Video Resources

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Scott, another great article. Technology must be maintained as a tool for ministry, not a paradigm within itself.

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I've only been preaching for about 8 years, and already have apology letters I would like to write, haha!

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Bruce - actually that's a good idea - keeps them from messing up stuff that actually matters! haha