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Rhu the Day

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Hi Michael -
Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, we're unhappy that we have to break into programming for the pledge drive. Unfortunately, we have no choice - pledges drives are essential. You can hear the full, uninterrupted interview by clicking "Listen" or "Download" above.

I'm sorry you were disappointed. We too long for a day when public radio can stop relying on pledge drives. Until then, we will try to do it as little as possible. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

Program Director, Talk

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Here\'s a recipe from Shana James Ahern aka Gluten Free Girl. It\'s just one example of many recipes on her site. http://glutenfreegirl.com/the-ongoing-saga-of-glu...

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It seems to be working for me. Click on "listen" and our media player should open.


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Jennifer - You can find all 6 interviews that Elvis has done with Christopher Nolan here: http://www.kcrw.com/sitesearch?dosearch=1&Sea...

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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on today's episode of The Treatment.

This was a hard one for us.  Over the past five days on KCRW we have covered the tragedy in Aurora. We have addressed issues of gun violence and whether the media, video games, films and TV are responsible for this event, and, we've talked about Hollywood's response to the shooting.  

We felt that in order to be fully comprehensive we should also let the filmmaker talk about his work in an honest way.  This was Nolan's intent when he visited KCRW a few weeks prior to the release and when The Dark Knight Rises was merely a film. 

KCRW is a home for artists and filmmakers to talk about their art.  We felt it was important to hear about that work in light of the violence that was inflicted on the innocent people attempting to enjoy Christopher Nolan's movie.

It was not our intent to offend anyone by airing this interview.  We're sorry our decision disappointed you.

Thanks again for sharing your point of view,

Harriet Ells, Talk Program Director
Jenny Radelet, Producer of The Treatment

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HI Cori! Yes it\'s just dolloped on. First you put your sugared and cornstarched fruit in the pie shell then just take generous tablespoons of the dairy you are using and dollop it on. Then top with the crumble.

It\'s miraculous.

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Kevin, you are correct! Please email goodfood@kcrw.com with your address...

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Thanks so much for the comment. Be sure to let us know how your book club likes it.


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We'll be sending out an email soon! Thanks for your patience