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i thought this movie was really, really good, but i'd still just give it a B.

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i can usually tell the ones that can't sing 'cause they talk so much about how good they can sing. when i hear them talking, i say to myself, "they can't sing", and i'm right. i also find it amazing that out of 10,000 or so people that audition in each city that only 15-35 make it thru. that's a whole lotta dilusional people who think they can sing,____my laugh of this week was Cornelius Edwards, who split his pants. i nearly split my sides laughing.____i couldn't believe Jerrod Norrell would rather be arrested than to leave quietly. if he worked for me, i'd fire him after this.

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i enjoyed this interview with Tiffani Thiessen, even though it was a little lengthy in reading. a video might have been better, but i still enjoyed it.

i accidentally came across White Collar on the internet after the pilot show had aired and watched it. i absolutely loved it.! i don't have cable tv, but i watch it on the internet every saturday after it's friday nite airing date. i love all of the characters on the show, especially the chemistry between the Burkes and i love Neal's character.

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i really liked this show the first season. even though we've only seen a couple of episodes of the new season, it seems darker than before. i find that programs of this type do change over the seasons, and they usually lose my interest as a result. i'll see how this one goes for me, but i don't think i'll be watching it much longer.

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NBC cancelled Southland because it wasn't suitable for the timeslot before Jay Leno? that's one of the most ludicrous excuses i've heard in a while. good for TNT for picking them up 'cause they have another hit on their network. BOO for NBC!

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favorite dance movie - "Take the Lead", w/Antonio Banderas, YaYa, and Alfrie Woodward. the best part for me was the end at the dance competition where the dancers kick some dancin' butt.

favorite Wayans movie - "Low Down Dirty Shame", with Keenan Ivory Wayans and Jada Pinkett Smith.

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well, i for one won't be watching anymore. now if they bring back Paula, then i'll be back.

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i've just started watching Monk on the weekend re-runs here, and i love it. he's so anal that it's funny, but he's smart. since i don't have cable, i guess it'll be a while before i know how the show finally ends up--whether he finds his wife's killer.

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i love this show. i'm glad ABC renewed it. can't wait for the new season.

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honestly, i've never seen a Harry Potter movie, but i wouldn't mind seeing this one to see what all of the hype about him is.