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There is a posting from Debbie saying she doesn't understand why we are all being so mean to her.

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You lack ethics, l have no trust in you, believe you staged that accident w Michael, you have yet to do an assignment. the list goes on. l will not watch someone who is so underhanded.

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From what others are saying on the other blogs, Jamika is in tonight's episode. There's also an incidence of sabatoge, geez what a surprise could Debbie be part of that?

Bottom line: It is we viewers who ultimately decide who wins and it's done via our viewship. I don't care how much FN likes Debbie, I will not watch her! lf she has a show, it won't be seen in this household, if she's a guest on another show, I will turn that program off.

As for the perky, cutsey that the shows have become, I don't care for it and find myself changing the station. Bring back the back to basics cooking. That's what made FN good.

Folks have been commenting on RR's show and how she uses so many prepped foods. A lot of folks go to Cosco or BJ's and buy in bulk that gives you the prepped food @ a reasonable price. An alternative is to make them yourself. The new resealable vaccum bags work really well and aren't that expensive. Using those helps save time and money. A few hours a week and you too can have the prep work taken care of.

I certainly hope tonight is Debbie's last night!!!!