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No trials. No human rights exploitations. These people should be tracked down and deported on the first available plane back to Somalia!

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Good start. Now send him back for the heads of the rest of the Taliban!

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This has far less to do with the economy than with the ideology of islam which has been opressing women for centuries. Islamists have no-one to blame but themselves for the widespread revulsion the aggressive promotion of their sharia laws and religious fundamentalism has invoked across Europe.

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Very interesting article Christopher. I would have liked to post it on FB Is there any possibility of you adding a share gadget on your blog?

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Well I hope those muslim shitstirrers are feeling happy with themselves now. They no doubt are, since it would seem their whole aim was to damage this couple in the first place! Shame on them!

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Fingers crossed for Geert Wilders in the forthcoming elections. Far from being 'far right' as the media like to portray him, his views are really sound. I tend to think of the far right as fascists, yet most of the fascists are actually far left. Just look at the behaviour of UAF Ironically named United Against Fascists. Gilders makes sense and talks common sense, unless of course you are an islamist or an islamist apologist, in which case, he would be perceived as a threat, because he is against the radicalism of islam.

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Of all the awful images of war (and there are way too many of those) I think I've been most disturbed by what is being shown to Palestinian children on Memrit TV How sad to see so much hatred being taught to innocent children. This ought to be a crime. It is certainly child abuse.

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UK are in such denial that these rapes are being carried out by immigrants and muslims, that there are no accurate statistics kept. Rate stats are not linked to race. This has to change and it has to change fast. Without this vital information, it makes the complainant appear racist which of course is what the Government here want. They would rather have women raped than lose votes!

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Code pink? Time they took their darned rose tinted pink spectacles off and take a good hard look at what this death cult islam is really about!

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This is so ridiculous! They ought to stitch it to the doll or paint it on lest someone lifts up her burqa.
At 50 Barbi ought to know better than to surrender her freedom! LOL