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If you feel like you would have enough people look at it to make it worth your extra time, I think it would be a great idea to blog in Russian. Hopefully some of the content from this blog could be used on your Russian blog as well so you weren't having to come up with content for two entirely different blogs. Do you think you would do it as a new page here or as a separate blog?

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good. I was worried for a minute.

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I put that image in the story to illustrate what the default avatar looks like. I guess I should have specified that :)
I hope mine is working, I'd hate to be the "cobbler with no shoes".

-thanks for reading-

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I like Bill's answer. I'm not a pastor so I wasn't sure how some of the pastors here would respond, but I agree that they will just find somewhere else to get married if you don't do it. By requiring pre-marital counseling you kind of have a captive audience. Something said there can affect them and really set their marriage on the right track. They probably would not get that kind of teaching if they are forced to go get married by a non-pastor.