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Many argue that pro-Israel interests own the US press. it is hard not to think so given the whitewash all US wars and now the 5-31-10 attack by Israel are getting here.

I have never supported a war with any nation before, but many new views emerging on 9-11 and now Gaza indicate considerable argument for a US war with Israel. Of course Congress will never support it since Congress depends on pro-Israel funding and related corporate funding for election. Thus the case for a current state of de facto fascism in our federal government today. Left historians have argued for decades that a new US revolution is probably necessary for reform required to end US and Israel imperialism today.

I am 53 years old and have studied war and peace seriously for about 35 years. I am an international lawyer. The war-peace policy maelstrom facing youth worldwide from these facts and events is daunting. Unless America harkens back to its constitutional rule of law roots very soon, there will be little left of good American culture to defend. Kennedy's blockade of Cuba has been judged illegal but perhaps necessary by law scholars today. Surely Israel will at least take this position regardless of rightful criticism of its 5-31-10 attack. To me the resulting primary issue is now whether the world will mount a rightful response, and pass necessary laws to support any existing laws that may be lacking today to make a rightful response - ie saving Palestinian lives

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I read today 10 confirmed killed, up 1 from yesterday, but cannot confirm.

Obama should but will not assist human rights community on the event. His best response would be to send US war ships to guide the current flotilla to its Gaza port, but he does not have the courage for it, and is preoccupied with an oil spill and other frantic domestic matters.

These are the kinds of events that distinguish great and small leaders. I believe Obama was destined to fail any "greatness" test from the start, and was recruited by money and other insidious powers for that reason. We need a John Kennedy today, with the judgment and courage to change his views once the evidence of need becomes clear. Obama has never evinced this capacity; rather the opposite, to run from a good and necessary fight, this time with the Israel government. Kenendy was warrior. Obama is not. We will need new and capable warriors to get the US out of its current major problems, one of which is sychophantic Israeli policy.